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How to Plan Wedding Honeymoon:
Everyone always likes to find out where couples go after their wedding day for their honeymoon. I have gotton this article on how to plan a wedding honeymoon. Now, this will not tell where all the hot spots are for newlyweds, but it will give you 7 things to keep in mind when planning your wedding honeymoon.

Following Things Should be Kept in Mind to Plan Wedding Honeymoon:
1.) If your wedding is scheduled for late afternoon or evening, the groom will need to arrange for a nearby hotel for your wedding night.
2.) If you will be traveling out of town, consult with a travel agent, who can offer valuable tips on vacation sites, their available activities and weather probabilities, and take advantage of the best rates for hotel and travel accommodations.

3.) If you are flying, take a carry-on bag that contains all the essentials for a day.

4.) If you are driving a long distance, lock all luggage in the trunk as a deterrent to robbery.

5.) Carry a copy of your marriage certificate with you when traveling abroad, particularly if your passport is in your former name.

6.) Remember, do not over schedule. Your wedding honeymoon that you are planning is a time to get to know each other better.

7.) It is a nice gesture for you and your groom to telephone both your parents when you arrive at your travel destination. It will let them know you have arrived safely and will also offer another opportunity to thank them for the wedding.

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