Hotels Jobs in Dubai

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Dubai is a part of the United Arab Emirates that is situated in Gulf. The Emirate is financially better than the other six Emirates due to oil and gold marketing. Moreover, the Emirate has numbers of headquarters of international commercial organization, banks, industries, companies and business empires. Dubai pulls millions of investors, industrialists, businessmen, traders, purchasers, tourists and general visitors. Moreover, Dubai also offers international standard hospitality through their world class hotels and trained staff. Dubai hotels are equipped with all modern facilities and services. Hotels job are frequently advertised in newspapers and online websites. The websites also announced in hotels own websites. Hotel jobs in this Emirate are fantastic due to outstanding salary packages and other officially provided facilities. Dubai hotel offer chances of growth within the organization on the basis of experience and skills. The followings are few important hotel jobs in Dubai.

Dubai Hotel Manager Jobs
Hotel manager is the executive or in charge of the whole hotel activities. The prime responsibility is to observe the performance of the hotel staff. He also handles hotel budgets, keep touch with accounts, plan marketing strategy, enhance services and quality. He also points out maintenance issues, checks facilities, maintain health and safety standard. He inducts new employee, provides training, encourage hotel staff, identify issues and solve customers’ complainants and staff issues. Hotel manager also coordinate with potential clients and provides different packages.

Dubai Hotel Manager Jobs Requirements:
Dubai hotels pick the right man for right jobs and that is why hotel manager must have university degree in hospitality, business management or administration with relevant experience. He must be equipped with leadership qualities, fantastic communication skills and convincing ability. He has the ability to solve issues immediately and has good decision making power. Dubai hotel manager must have the basic awareness of computer.

Dubai Hotel Receptionist Jobs
Dubai hotels always try to induct skilled, qualified and experienced hotel receptionist. Hotel receptionist job is for both male and female candidate and he/she must be sharp, handsome and active. The hotel receptionist attends the guests, answers their question, provides latest information about hotel services and facilities. He also attends phone class, email, fax and handle postal mails. Receptionist is the person that is aware about the room or suites availability, fare, provided facilities check in and checkout. Receptionist also collect bills from the guests and resolves their complaints and queries.

Dubai Hotel Receptionist Jobs Requirements:
The job demands alertness, sharpness and at least bachelor degree in hospitality or management. Moreover, he/she must have one to two years experience. Receptionist must have fantastic oral and written communication skills. The receptionist must have computer literacy and keep account update. He coordinates with other hotel staff for the betterment of the organization.

Dubai Hotel Chef Jobs
Chef controls the kitchen activities and prepares different types of dishes and foods. Chef cooks foods according to the hotel menu or instruction of the guests. Chef normally has expertise to prepare various types of foods and dishes like Intercontinental, Italian, Chinese as well as native foods. Chef is the man that monitors kitchen stock and keep it in balance or according to the requirement. Chef also compiles the menu of the hotel and provides training to new kitchen staff.

Dubai Hotel Chef Jobs Requirements:
In Dubai chef are inducted on the basis of their skills, expertise and experience. Chef usually has diploma or certificate from culinary school or institute. The job demands minimum one year relevant experience. Moreover, it is vital for the chef that he can prepare different types of desserts and beverages.

Dubai Hotel Waiter and Waitress Jobs
The waiter and waitress jobs are compulsory for every hotel. The prime responsibility of the waiter or waitress is greeting guests, guide toward their reserved table. He/she arranges table and put necessary things on the table. Waiter or waitress offer welcome drink, take order, provide foods and beverages. Similarly, waiter or waitress receives bills from the guests. The waiters are well informed about provided food and beverages.

Dubai Hotel Waiter and Waitress Jobs Requirements:
The waiter or waitress in this part of the world are usually has minimum high school diploma with one to two years related experience. Waiter or waitress must have outstanding communication skills and handle situation smoothly. The waiter or waitress must have fantastic and attractive personality.

Dubai Hotel Housekeeper Jobs
The housekeeper job is related to cleaning and providing basic facilities. The housekeeper changes bed sheets, clean furniture, carpet, door and windows. Dubai housekeeper maintains washroom facilities and fills the refrigerator according to the hotel schedule.

Dubai Hotel Housekeeper Jobs Requirements:
The housekeeper must have minimum high school certification and experience of this field. The candidate must have good communication skills and know the basic English. The physical fitness is necessary for this job because the job demands long hours working.

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