Female Infertility Symptoms Causes and Natural Treatment at Home

Having one or more children is the dream of every married couple. But in some cases unfortunately they are not lucky enough to achieve this dream of having children. So question arises that why married couples don’t have a baby? The answer is the infertility of man or woman. I have already written about male infertility, its causes, symptoms, cure tips and treatment at home.

Now I am going to discuss the female infertility, its causes, symptoms, impact of life style factors on woman infertility and cure tips to prevent female infertility.

What is Female Infertility?

Female Infertility is defined as the inability of a woman to become pregnant even after one year time period of having sex with man without any cotraceptives. If a woman becomes pregnant but unable to maintain its pregnancy in future time, it is also termed as female infertility.

Symptoms and Causes of Female Infertility:

There are many causes of female infertility. Some common symptoms and causes of female infertility are as follows:

i) Sperm dysfunction

ii) Ovulation problems which are usually caused by polycystic ovary syndrome(PCOS) and  primary ovarian insufficiency (POI) are the most causes of female infertility. PCOS creates hormone imbalance problem which can interfere with normal ovulation and woman feel irregular menstrual periods and PCOS prevent the release of mature eggs from ovary.

iii) Endometriosis

iv) Uterine abnormalities

v) Damaged to Fallopian tubes( due to chlamydia and gonorrhea infection)

vi) Infrequency of sexual intercourse

vii) Cervical mucus dysfunction

viii)Poor egg quality

Impact of Life Style factors on Woman Infertility:

Female InfertilityThere are certain life styles factors which increase the risk of woman to not become pregnant

These include:

i)   Smoking: Woman who smokes cigarette, it not only harmful for health but also results as a woman infertility. Smoking cigarette not only damages woman ovary but also results in the depletion of eggs in a premature manner, this leads to reducing the chances of pregnancy of woman.

ii)   Overweight:
Overweight may also results in woman infertility. When a woman has high weight then it limits the chances of normal ovulation which in turn may lead to a problem for woman for not being pregnant.

iii)   Intake of Excessive Alcohol and Caffeine:
Woman who intakes excessive alcohol and caffeine also results in woman infertility. Intake of excessive alcohol and caffeine result in ovulation disorders and contracts endometrosis. As a result woman is unable for conceiving a baby.

iv)   Aging: Woman who has crossed the age of thirty five years has a fewer chances to become pregnant because woman ovary becomes less able to release eggs and also eggs are not as healthy as required for pregnancy of woman.

v)   Unhealthy Woman: If a woman is not as healthy as required as for pregnancy then it also results in woman infertility. If a woman has irregular periods or no menstrual periods or very painful periods then it is not good for her health and also unable her to become pregnant.

vi)  Poor Diet: Poor diet may also results in woman infertility to some extent because optimal reproductive functioning requries a well balaced and proper diet. A balanced diet ensures woman that her body is healthy and strong enough to conceive and nourishment for a growing and developing  baby.

[adsense]vii)   Athletic Training: In order to get rid of woman infertility it is essential for woman to do some athletic training which is necessary requirement of optimal reproductive functioning. Athletic training not only helps woman to maximize her fitness level but also keeps her weight in check and boosts her endorphin levels which helps her to feel happy.

viii)   Psychological Stress: Psychological stress has a very negative impact on woman health.Psychological stress is also responsible for woman infertility. So it is necessary for woman to keep her away from all kinds of stress specially during her pregnancy time period.

Female Infertility Cure Tips:

In order to cure female infertility women should follow these tips:

i) Avoid smoking and should not drink enough alcohol.

ii) Avoid excessive exercises.

iii) Make herself free from stress.

iv) Control diseases like hypothyroidism and diabetes.

v) Maintain healthy weight.

vi) Eat fresh fruits and vegetables in order to get well balanced nutritious diet.

So dear readers I tried my level best to give you much insight about women infertility, its causes, symptoms and some natural treatments at home to prevent female infertility. If you like this article then give your comments at the end of this article without any hesitation and share your views with others to help reducing female infertility. Your working tips will surely help other women to get rid of infertility and make their married lives successful with the birth of babies.

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