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Wedding Gifts, Marriage Gifts
Gift is something granted voluntarily commercialism in payoff, as to show favor or love towards someone, reward an function, or form a motion of assistance.
Marriage gift is a Present given to someone on his or her marriage. It may be presented to bride or newlywed or both of them.
Wedding favors are small but fine gifts presented as a communicate of approval or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding reception.
The tradition of distributing wedlock gifts is really old one. And from very ancient times people used to present wedding gifts to their friends and relative during wedding ceremonies.
Now a days it has become fashion, that people give costly wedding gifts to their friends and relatives. They buy these gifts from not only the local shops but credit cards are also used for this purpose and many gifts are imported from abroad too. In Pakistan wedding is a religious ceremony. And wedding gifts are part of this ceremony too but it totally depends upon the ability to bear the expenditures. If a person can afford costly gifts then he present them to his relatives or friends but if one cannot afford then he/she don't think about giving gifts to others.
The grandness and demand for wedding gifts has created a new category of business in the wedding industry where hundreds of websites and online stores compete selling only the wedding gifts.
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