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Wedding or marriage is most important part of every man and woman's life. Everybody wish to get married as soon as possible. There are many different reasons for this will but we can say it is nature that every young man and woman wants to have life partner.
   There are different wedding traditions in different parts of the world. Wedding traditions depend upon the culture of the country and of course religion is one and most important factor that affect wedding traditions in any country. Shadi or wedding is a bringing together of two people a male and female of two families, or two tribes, or two villages, or two cities, or even two countries. Wedlock is that regnant. Shadi is not something to be entered into lightly. Wedding is a commitment meant to antepenultimate a lifespan.
Now a days some common wedding traditions are also seen all over the world. In every country of the world wedding means to unite bride and groom for their whole life for the sake of their nature, and also for kids. Some wedding traditions that have endured are based on blessing the couple with good luck and some others are a means for the couple to convey their feelings for one another.
   Regardless of the wedding tradition itself, all wedding traditions share the same essential symbols of unity, happiness and prosperity.
Wedding Traditions differ from culture to culture. Some are widely used in modern wedding ceremonies, while others exist only within a certain race or culture.

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