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Bridal Fashion Dresses, Lehenga, Jewelry, Handbags, Shoes and Makeup Styles

Marriage is one of most member able ceremony of everyone’s life. Not only brides but grooms also try their best to look younger, attractive and stunning on their wedding day. Brides start taking care of their beauty long time before their marriage. In this article I am going to write about Bridal Fashion. So the question arises first, what is bridal fashion? The answer is not as simple as you might be thinking. As bridal fashion includes many fashion accessories like dresses, makeup, jewelry, shoes, handbags and even mobiles now a day.

Bridal Dress: Pakistani bridal dress normally includes bridal lehenga or sharara, double or single shirt and heavy dupatta. Lehenga is one of the most important fashion items in bridal wear. Lehengas are normally made of baransi fabric and heavy dabka work. Dabka work can be light or heavy depending upon the choice or will of the bride. Brides start looking in fashion magazines to get an idea for their bridal wear. Dress material can be changed according to weather conditions. Yes, you are right; if wedding is going to take place in summer then wedding lehenga must be lighter as compared to heavily worked lehenga for winter season.

Brides like red color normally. But now a days different shade of red along with silver or golden color are used in bridal dresses. Fashion is changing day by day, in year 2013, we have seen a lot of changes in bridal wear and of course year 2014 will bring new ideas about bridal fashion. But bridal lehenga will always be the key bridal dress.
Bridal Makeup: Makeup really changes the whole look of face. An expert makeup artists can give you a new look and stunning style. Bridal fashion makeup is trendy. Normally in Pakistani marriages, brides ask an expert beautician to prepare them for the wedding day. Makeup artist charges two to twenty thousand for this work and in turn gives a new but good looking appearance to the bride. Rich families take their daughters to beauty parlor for preparation. Bridal makeup plays an important role in bridal fashion. Most of the brides give more importance to bridal makeup than dress. Bridal mehndi is also a part of bridal fashion in Pakistani marriages. Bridal hairstyles also change the whole outlook of brides.

Bridal FashionBridal Handbags: Choosing the right handbag for a wedding day is a time consuming affair but when you get a perfect handbag according to the occasion then it will surely enhance your beauty and charm. Bridal hand bags are also the part of bridal fashion. Rich brides buy leather bags of red color or color matching their bridal lehenga. This contrast increases the whole look of bride. Now a days there are different types of leather bags available in the market ranging price from 1000 Rupees to 10,000 Rupees. Some important and popular handbag types are baguette, clutch, hobo bag, satchel, messenger and shoulder bag.

Bridal Footwear: Bridal shoes are also important for bridal fashion. Bridal Shoe fashion normally includes the high heel shoes, bridal shoes with special wire work on it, party wear shoes, and specially prepared handmade fashion shoes for bride. A pair of beautiful shoes increases the beauty of bride that’s why bridal shoes are important part of bridal fashion. Every bride desires to look stunning and eye catching on her wedding day ceremony. So she is very conscious for her wedding dress, jewelry, makeup and bridal footwear. Brides prefer matching footwear with her wedding dress.

Bridal Jewelry: If you are a woman then your heart might be beating more speedily on reading the word “bridal jewellery”. Of course bridal jewelry is one of the most important fashion accessories. In Pakistani and Indian marriage brides look incomplete without jewellery. As gold is out of the reach of middle class families, artificial jewelry is used to enhance the beauty of bride. But if one can afford gold or diamond jewellery then it will not only change the outlook of brides but also make them happy from the core of heart as gold is always liked by almost every woman. Bridal jewelry commonly includes gold or diamond earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings.

Dear readers, I hope you will like this article. I know there are few other things that can also be used in bridal fashion. If you want to add some more details or your personal experiences or success stories about bridal fashion then please share your ideas with us. Geomarriage members will be pleased to read your ideas, comments, tips, queries and concerns.