Famous Quotes About Fashion and Style For Girls, Boys, Men and Women

Famous Fashion Quotes and Saying by Celebrities About Fashion and Style

Fashion is a common term used to describe a style especially in clothing, makeup and footwear worn by huge number of people in a single country or countries of the world. Fashion keeps on changing and that’s why we cannot say how long a fashion design will stay popular among people as with the passage of time every fashion is swapped by an alternate style. This is why we should keep in mind that fashion is not something that lies in dresses but it is a collection of different kinds of styles.
Different people have different thoughts and ideology concerning fashion and style. Fashion meanings also change round the globe. In this post I am going to rewrite some popular fashion quotes by well-known authors, stars and information producers.

Fashion is no ideology, follow fashion, but do not let fashion put you down.

  1. Fashion is a waste of time and money, every day you sell less for more.
  2. Fashion is the best tool to help us dream, fashion can be purchased but you need to own style.
  3. Fashion is the clothing of a selfish and greedy mind.
  4. Your fashion is your personality; design is the cover of being average.
  5. Fashion is so unbearable that only lasts three to 6 months.
  6. Fashion is what goes out of fashion but style never does.
  7. Women do not wear what they like, actually they like what they wear.
  8. High heels are painful pleasures.
  9. Fashion QuotesThe fashion expires however style can never be deceased.
  10. Give a woman the proper shoes and she will conquer the world.
  11. Sewing is magic and magic is a dream and dreams are wonderful places to live.
  12. Great, with a lot of glamour, a bit of scandal and a lot of extravagant designs. Here’s my style.
  13. Fashion is designed to beautify women and men too.
  14. Fashion dies young, that’s what makes it so touching.
  15. Fashion is an evolution, not a revolution.
  16. Glamour reflects a certain confidence. A glamorous woman is always elegant, but it is both mysterious and disturbing.
  17. The future of fashion is related to life. It must be stable, due to new or fancy, but especially of class and quality.
  18. In fashion, you know you have succeeded when it bothers some people.
  19. Fashion is not just about clothing but also adornments, cosmetics, the perfume and even substantial changes.

Dear readers, there are thousands of quotes about fashion. I have written only 20 to show an image of fashion as described by famous authors. If you know a quote about fashion and want to share it with others then please write it in the comment box at the end of this post.

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