Dubai Airport Jobs

Dubai is included among the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates and it is a business hub in Gulf region. Dubai is an international commercial city that pulls millions of visitors, businessmen, investors, purchasers, traders and employees from all regions of the world

. All these travelers land in Dubai classic airports which are two in numbers like Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC). These two airports in Dubai are crowded round the clock, but they have skills and qualified airport staff that manage the travelers.

Dubai airports managements always try to induct qualified and skilled airport staff. Dubai airport jobs are often advertised in leading newspapers and jobs advertiser websites. However, airports own websites also announce these jobs online. The followings are few compulsory airport jobs those are frequently advertised by airport authorities.

Dubai Airport Manager Job
The airport manager is the person that arranges and manage all administrative activities. The airport manager is always busy in his work and he is touched with other segments of the airport like flight operations, charter and other government department. He also checks the flight schedule, arrange and cover delay. Moreover, airport manager also observe the performances of the staff. The airport manager resolves the issues of the travelers and airport staff. The airport manager also checks the budgets and accounts.

Dubai Airport Manager Job Requirements
Airport manager job usually demands bachelor degree, but aviation qualification is an advantage for the applicant of this job. It is necessary that the airport manager must have at least two years relevant experience. The manager position demands that he has the ability to resolves the problems immediately. Similarly, he must be equipped with basic computer knowledge and communication skills.

Dubai Air Traffic Controller Job
Air traffic controller manages the air traffic and make sure that all aircraft are away from each other. He is the authority that instructs the pilots during landing and taking off. He also directs the direction of aircraft in air and on the land. The air traffic controller uses different devices for controlling the air traffic like radar, computer and visual observation from the control tower. The air traffic controller also gives direction and instruction to airport vehicles and baggage handlers. He also provides latest information about weather conditions, runway updates and other vital information regarding aircraft security. He also informs about any kind of emergency at airport and arranges safety measures.

Dubai Air Traffic Controller Job Requirements
The FAA designed special program that is Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative, or the AT-CTI program for air traffic controllers. The institute offers two to four years degree. The course contains different topics like aviation weather, airspace, clearances, reading maps and federal regulations. Besides, this vital degree the candidate must be equipped with basic computer and communication expertise.

Dubai Aircraft Cabin Cleaner Job
The aircraft cabin cleaner facilitate the travelers in different ways. He arranges and mange seat belts, headrests, assist in boarding and departure. He cleans seat pockets, floor, galleys and lavatories. However, the employee cleans each and everything that is assigned to him. Moreover, after completion of this prime task he also involves in other activities like loading and unloading, tag, scans and identify the right luggage on the right aircraft.

Dubai Aircraft Cabin Cleaner Job Requirements
It is necessary for the aircraft cabin cleaner that he can handles different devices and must have at least high school diploma. He must be over 18 years of age and has valid driving license. The job also demands physical fitness and mental alertness.

Dubai Flight Attendants Job
Dubai flight attendant is present in all flights and he performs different activities in the flight for security and comfort of the travelers. He fulfills the customer’s request professionally and sell product during the flight. He also handles in flight emergencies and security if required. The flight attendant job is available for both male and female applications.

Dubai Flight Attendants Job Requirements
Flight attendant should be over 19 years of age, contains at least high school qualification, valid passport and one to two years customers handle experience.

Dubai Avionics Technician Job
Avionics technician repair, replace or alter the electronic devices or component of the aircraft after checking or on the complaints of the pilots. He also corrects the malfunction or fulfills deficiencies in electrical component. He inspects all devices and parts of the electronic devices and checks their performances.

Dubai Avionics Technician Job Requirements
The avionics technician usually has certification or diploma from the relevant institution along with minimum two years experience. It is necessary that technician must interpret engineering documents and maintenance manual.

Dubai Airport Baggage Handler Job
The baggage handler is the person that transports the luggage of the travelers from airport to aircraft. He also loads and unloads the baggage of the passengers and always loads in the right aircraft. Dubai airport baggage handler job requirements
The candidate of this job must have at least high school certification, valid driving license and fluent in English. He must be physically fit and can lift heavy objects.