Lack of Health Facilities in Pakistan


Pakistan is the country which lacks the supply of adequate health facilities for everyone especially the ones who belong to rural areas. Pakistan is the 6th largest country with a huge flux of population living in rural and urban areas. The government of Pakistan allocates a very little budget on the health sector. Pakistan is only spending 1.5% of budget on health which is very insufficient. The health facilities if available are very expensive and still not good so that everyone cannot be supplied with all facilities  the rich people rush to have this facilities and medical services leaving themselves extremely unsatisfied even after so much expenses and leaving them with no option but to leave the country for health purposes

The Adverse Condition of Health facilities in Pakistan

  • Pakistan is seriously facing adverse health facilities and conditions.  Some of the situations which Pakistan is facing are
  • Pakistan’s soil is full of stagnant water and soil which spreads upto the 150 feet, mixing with clean water and causing several diseases throughout. This is the problem present in rural areas but urban areas also face this problem at slum areas
  • Due to this conditions the WHO (World Health Organization) imposes a condition of many health policies on Pakistan and people living in Pakistan cannot go abroad without vaccination of several diseases
  • The number of doctors are very limited. If we talk about only Punjab the number of doctors are 1400 where the number of babies born are 70, 000
  • Pakistan has only two cancer hospitals which is Shaukat Khanum in Lahore and Peshawar but the number of people diagnosed with cancer are so much more. According to the statistics of 2012, the number of people diagnosed with cancer that year were 148,000 and each year this rate is increasing rapidly
  • The conditions of government hospitals is something not to talk about. If there are hospitals there is no infrastructure, there are no doctors, no medicines and no equipment.
  • Thousands of doctors are treated every year in oncology (the treatment of cancer) but they rush to the other countries and leave Pakistan
  • The medicine companies are making fake medicines and selling them at high prices and thus distorting the health of many
  • No attention is being paid to provide all the measures of safety and security to the people regarding eating at public places
  • In western culture, there is concept of basic and organic foods. But in Pakistan there is no such concept the vegetables consist of high amount preservatives and additives. Plus the meat is sterilized. They are given synthetic hormones and steroids to help them grow fast but causing a lot of people
  • There are no safe methods of diagnosis of diseases like MRI which is used to diagnose breast cancer is extremely harmful to the ladies
  • The developed countries introduce a method of treating the diseases, they find flaws in it, and they reject it and then introduce it to third world countries like Pakistan. So Pakistan is using the rejected methods of treatment
  • The waste of the industrial sector is present in our streams and rivers, polluting water and causing numerous health problems
  • The medical facilities are very expensive. They are not affordable to everyone
  • The various diseases like Dengue and Congo Virus keep on coming every year and result in killing of hundreds of people. We then adopt safety measures
  • Our doctors lack knowledge about the usage of healthy eating methods and incorporating unhealthy methods of eating
  • You go to a hospital for a treatment of disease. They inject you with something serious. You keep on coming again and again. They are just doing it for money

How to Improve Health Conditions In Pakistan:-

As in this era, the diseases are spreading rapidly we need to be more cautious and conscious about the health. But unfortunately Pakistan is not moving towards the betterment of health facilities. As we all know that prevention is better than cure but we treat the diseases once it is found and affected thousands of people. To improve the health conditions, the government of Pakistan, the doctors of Pakistan and general public of Pakistan must join hands. The government should develop itself on research, precautions and treatment of health problems, the government should allocate more budget for the health sector. The doctors must update themselves and work selflessly for their country and the people of Pakistan should take a step forward to break through the health myths, donate more for such projects, and moving towards healthy life styles and health eating because we all know Health is Wealth