Farm Worker Jobs in Canada

Farm Worker Jobs:-

Canada is a developed country of the North America continent. Canada got fame because of immigrants’ induction from all parts of the world. Canada is the prime destination of the world’s immigrants because of its soft immigration policies. Canada hires and inducts skilled and qualified workers from all countries of the world to overcome skilled workers shortage. Canada welcomes and encourages qualified employees for its different needs. This country requires workers for its industries and farm or agricultural activities. In Canada, there are thousands of farm houses and land owners those need skilled farm workers. The farm workers job are based on skills, experience and expertise, but it does not demand any specific education. Canada farm worker jobs advertised in leading French and English newspapers. Similarly, these jobs are also announced in jobs advertising websites. However, the farm workers from overseas need valid work visa for that. The farm works visa is also known as Level C or D visas. Canadian occupation list indicate this farm works as general farm worker, harvesting employee, agricultural harvest labor, pet groomers and animal care workers.

Canada Farm Workers Responsibilities

Canada farm workers or employees are hired from the foreign countries for specific tasks or assignments. These farm workers job are usually advertised for limited period or one season. However, some landowners or farm house owner induct farm workers for long-term. Canada farm workers perform different types of duties in the farm works just like they cultivate different crops. Similarly, watered crops and gardens, ready farm machinery, disperse fertilizers, spray different types of insecticides and herbicides. Moreover, the farm workers also perform some other tasks like clean stables, barns and clean workplaces. Farm workers ready the field or soil for the new vegetables, crops or plants. There are many other non listed works which are done by these farm workers like loading, unloading farming and hay forming. Besides these there are numbers of tasks which are done by the farm workers round the clock. The farm worker at farm house coordinates with other individuals like supervisors, managers and employer.

Canada farm workers play vital role in the agricultural and farming activities in this part of the world. The farm workers plant different types of tress according to the plan and strategy of the employer. However, prior to plantation the farm worker prepare land for that plantation and after that watered the plants through drains. The farm workers also cultivate different types of crops and then irrigate according to schedule. The farm worker also provides feed to livestock and poultry. These workers also milking the cows, goats, etc. The farm worker or employees ready the farm machinery and related equipment. Farm employees also sort out and identify different types of disease and health issues in plants, crops and farm animals including poultry. These employees also maintain the suitable temperature in barns, pens and chicken coops. Farm employees also ready the products for marketing.

Canada Farm Workers Qualification and Skills

Canada farm employees are hired on the basis of their skills, experience and expertise. However, there is no need for any kind of specific qualification or certification. It is compulsory for the farm workers that they must have solid skills of farming or harvesting. The farm worker must understand the mechanism of plantation, cultivation and irrigation methods. Canada farm worker must have the skills of driving and operating other devices and equipment. The farm workers always have a schedule about watering, cultivation, harvesting, storing and preparation of soil for agricultural activities. The physical fitness is necessary in this job along with other farming or agricultural skills. The fitness and stamina are the basic requirement of this job. The main criterion for the inducting of the farm workers from overseas is strong physique because the worker works round the clock and most of the time on feet. The farm works demand dedication from the farm house workers and without this thrill it is difficult. The farm worker usually work outdoors and do their activities through modern machines and equipment. 

Canada Farm Worker Visa Procedure

Canada is a vast country and it inducts skilled and qualified workers from other countries. Canada has unique position due to immigrants and it offers fantastic job opportunities. The farm worker jobs are published in the leading newspapers and online websites. The job advertisers or owner of the farm houses invite application on their postal address or email. The employees from other region of the world contact or send their application along with covering letter or supporting documents. Canadian employer check the received application and documents and then select the more suitable candidate for his farm work. The farm works job does not need any certification or diploma, but general awareness about the work. The overseas worker is hired by the employer through legal procedure. The valid works permit is required for this job and that is arranged by the employer.

Canadian employer initially applies for the positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This authority confirms from the labor market that whether any native is available for this advertised job or not. In case there is no suitable candidate for this job, then they issue the positive LMIA report. The employer after this positive report issues the job offer letter or sponsor letter for the newly appointed overseas employee. The farm works visa requires IMM 1295 Form along other supporting documents. The positive LMIA report, job offer letter and other related documents are submitted by the overseas employee in Canadian embassy of his own country. The application also needs visa processing fee receipt attached with this application. The applicant of this visa secure interview appointment from the visa officer and after interview the visa is issued for limited period. The farm works visa is usually for one season or for during the labor shortage to fulfill the requirement of the agricultural activities. 

Canada Farm Worker Visa Requirements

Canada farm worker visa is necessary document that is required to enter in this country on the temporary basis. This work visa needs few basic documents like job offer letter or sponsor letter from the employer. The Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) positive report is another vital document for this work permits. It is also vital for the employee that he must be equipped with all basic skills of farming and agricultural activities. The farm works job in this part of the world are based on physical fitness, stamina and mental alertness of the candidate. That is why the applicant must be in good health condition and active. Besides these official documents and necessary skills there are few basic or fundamental requirements for this work permit.

1. Sponsor letter from Canadian employer and it should be verified from all other relevant authorities.

2. The Labor Market Impact Assessment report about overseas employee appointment.

3. The passport of the applicant must be valid and its validity should be more than six months. Similarly, other traveling documents must be valid.

4. Color pictures of the farm work visa applicant.

5. Copies of all supporting documents or experience letters from the ex-employer.

5. Medical fitness certificate from the nominated hospital or clinic. 

6. Police security clearance certificate from the applicant belonging country.