Sales Man & Sales Helper Jobs in Dubai & Visa Process

Dubai is located in the Gulf region and it is the main part of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is converted into the business hub of this area because all international companies’ headquarters are situated in this Emirate.

Moreover, international commercial units and banks are also functioning in this city. Thus Dubai is famous for oil and Gold marketing and earns huge revenue from these products. We are offering a number of Salesman Jobs In Dubai . All of these jobs are available for residence of Dubai as well as for Foreigners.

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In Dubai, there is a number of companies and industries manufacturing different things. As it is the Hub of markets thus has a great opportunity for the Workers.

These companies, industries, and other organizations need helper to facilitate the professionals or experts. The helpers are usually raw hands and do not have any skills. Helper’s jobs are published in newspapers and sometimes in construction companies’ websites.

Jobs In Dubai

  • Helper Jobs
  • Sales Man Jobs
  • Helpers In Industries
  • Packing Jobs

Multiple Jobs Of Helpers are Lying open in Dubai. People from different countries can apply for these jobs.

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Salary Packages

The Salary Packages will be as Under

  • Sales Man 4000 AED
  • Packing Salary will be 3000 AED
  • Helpers in Industries salary will be 2500, Overtime allowances will be Added.
  • Helper Salaries 2500 Plus Overtimes = 4000

Sales Man Jobs

Companies are Demanding a number of Salesmen for Stores, Medical Stores, and Shops. Working of these will be communicating with clients and Suppling the products. Salesman jobs are very attractive jobs for those who want a white color job in Dubai.

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Helper job responsibilities in construction company:-

Helper services are necessary for all works specifically in construction works. The helper assists with different types of tasks.

The helper also handles different types of machines and equipment when the skilled employee is busy with other work.

Helper job responsibilities in industries:-

In Dubai industries or manufacturing units the helper provides full assistance to qualified and skilled workers. Helper brings different raw materials from the store and arranges them according to the need and demands of the worker.

Moreover, the helper also collects the finished products and arranges them according to packing. The helper also transports different tools and equipment to other workplaces.

Helpers Responsibilities In packing:-

The helper also assists the packagers in different ways and collect packed material. They also bring products and packing material that is required by the packager.

The helper arranges packed items, count, make inventory or list, and do some other work of the same nature. The helper also packs items if there is a shortage of labor or worker.

Helper job requirements

There is no specific Experience or special education required for this job, but physical fitness and alertness. The helpers are assigned in different locations which is why they just assist the skilled employee.

The helper job is tough and needs physical fitness because sometimes they pick the heavy load. It is also vital that he has the basic education to read the instructions, measurements, or any other caution.

How to apply helper job in Dubai:-

Similarly, these jobs are also announced in online job advertising websites. Nowadays it is very simple for the candidates who are going to apply for helper.

They can send their application online by using the provided application form. To apply for these send Detailed CV at

Send CV

Apply by sending your CV to Indeed. These are Sale Related Jobs, Offered by Indeed.

These jobs are

  • Optical Sale Specialest
  • Sales Associates
  • Sales Executives
  • Sales Specialest

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VISA for Dubai

Dubai work visa is an official document that allows the overseas worker to enter in this Emirate. The employer in Dubai initially issues the job offer letter or sponsor letter.

After selecting the overseas employee, the employer then submits his case to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) to start work visa process.

The employer also pays the visa processing fee on the behalf of the employee. Moreover, the authority after confirmation of provided denouements issues the two monthly work permit that allows the foreign worker to enter Dubai.

However, after entering Dubai the overseas employee has to clear his medical tests and secure a medical clearance certificate.

Once all required documents are completed then the employer applies for Dubai employment visa at Dubai’s Ministry of Labor. Similarly, the employee also need the residence visa for the legal stay in this Emirate along with the labor card that is vital for job continuation.

Recently Changes in UAE Visa

Recently, UAE Govt has brought several changes in its Visa For UAE. Thus travelers to UAE are facing several problems in visa process due to Change in Visa Rules. Here we shall discuss changes in Visa Process.

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Changes to Visa are as Under

Bank Statement

Priviously, there was no need of Bank Statement for UAE visa but now according to new Rules Bank Statement of applicant is required. If applicant does not have enough Balance in the Account then the Visa may be rejected by UAE officials. Thus it is highly reccumended to have maximum money in your Bank While applying for UAE visa. More Money you have in your account more there are chances for you to get selected.

Best Flight

In order to travel to Dubai from Pakistan the Flight that Suits the most is FLY DUBAI. You can also go by Emirates but Fly Dubai is comparatively economical as compared to Emirates.


  • Ticket
  • Return Ticket
  • 5000 Dirhams in Cash with you.
  • CNIC
  • Reservation of Hotels in Dubai
  • Enough Balance in Bank Account.

Expences in Dubai

As you reach Dubai you must have money to stay there. Expense of your stay vary from place to place. Minimum fare of hotel will be atleast 100 Dirhams. In case you are with family than it will definately cost you more than 100 Dirhams. According to new Visa rules of Dubai you must have atleast 5000 Dirhams with you while you reach Dubai.

Furthermore, you must have Return Ticket. Especially, for the job Seekers who visit Dubai must with return Ticket.