Beauty Tips at Home For Men and Women | Homemade Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips, Secrets and Remedies For Men and Women at Home

Beauty is a huge topic liked by everyone who wants to look smart, younger and attractive. It is observed globally that people don’t have time to take care of their health and beauty. Women spend more time on makeup and other beauty gaining activities than men. There are thousands of hard working men who even don’t have time to wash their hands and face with beauty soaps. Many people in world could not spend a lot of money just for looking smart and beautiful. They are earning their food and living expenses with too much difficulties so they could not spend even a little money on beauty creams etc. Keeping this in mind, I am writing this article to help men and women to take care of their beauty at home using homemade remedies.
These remedies don’t promise you to catch the moon or stars but I promise, if you act upon these simple home made beauty tips and tricks then you will enhance your beauty and attract others. These are as follows:

  1. It is good practice for those people who have spent all their day in doing difficult task such as laboring etc to take bath with warm water regularly before going to sleep at night because it not only relaxes muscles and calms tension but also make body skin to look better, glowing  and fresh.
  2. A well balanced diet also plays a vital role for making your skin fresh, glowing and good looking. If your diet  includes  excess  of water, fresh fruits and vegetables  then your skin will become smooth and glowing within few days. Also fresh fruits and vegetables  burn fats from your body which when present in body not only dehydrate your skin but also make your skin dull and unpleasant. Balanced diet also fights against aging effects.
  3. Stress is one of the biggest enemy of your skin making it dull. It is one of the main cause of face acne because when you feel tense then the production of fat in areas such as skin and scalp increases which results in face acne and other skin problems. So keep you away from bad news and try to do such activities that help you in relieving stress as meditation or exercise such as yoga.
  4. Homemade Beauty TipsSkin only performs its natural repair process  when you sleep seven to eight hours every night. If you don’t sleep well, it is not only bad for your skin but also increases your body weight which in turn destroys your natural beauty.
  5. Our hair need much more attention and care. When you have no time to wash the hair, dry shampoo is the best solution to remove grease from the roots and the hair is getting lost. The wipes are useful for retouching makeup has been run.
  6. Every young girl and woman in this world desires to enjoy fair white complexion skin but the question arises how many people in this world have fair color by birth? So don’t worry if you don’t have fair white color. You can get fair complexion by taking and mixing 1 cup of tea water, 2 tea spoon flour and half spoon honey. When this mixture gets ready apply it on face and hands skin, leave it for half an hour then wash it with cold fresh water. You can use lemon and tomato, turmeric and tomato, yogurt and orange, and other homemade face masks to get fair white complexion skin.
  7. Oily skin can be treated by applying lemon and cucumber juice for a few minutes. This will help you to make your oily skin a little more fairer.
  8. Dry skin can be treated by applying white of the egg and applying it to skin for 10 to 15 minutes, then wash your skin with fresh water, few application will make your skin fresh, healthy and beautiful.
  9. Wrinkles around and under eyes destroy face beauty and it main causes are the exposure harmful sun rays, smoking, pollution, fast weight loss and skin pigmentation. Most working home remedy for wrinkles is lemon or cabbage juice massage. Rose water, pineapple, papaya and regular facial massage can help you to make your eyes wrinkles free.
  10. [adsense]Obesity is also a big problem and changes our body look. You can use homemade remedies for weight loss and act upon weight loss diet plan to get rid of extra pounds. Always drink water before eating meal. Don’t eat more than hunger. Never try to full till neck.
  11. Daily exercise can also help you to maintain the beauty of your body. If you think your daily routine is dull and lazy then spare some minutes or at least half hour for simple exercises or fast walking.
  12. You can make your lips pink and beautiful by massaging your lips every night before going to bed with lemon juice and almond oil. Lemon juice and glycerin homemade remedy is well known from years to lighten your dark lips.
  13. Brush your teeth once early in the morning and second before going to bed. Its also a good habit to brush teeth after every meal. It not only cleans your teeth but also enhance your beauty by making them white and beautiful.

Dear readers, these are few homemade beauty tips that will really help you to live happy and beautiful life. There are many other simple tips that can solve your beauty problems. You can read different health, beauty and fashion articles at for maintaining your health, beauty and outlook. If you want to add your own tips to this article then write me directly or add your comments at the end of this post.