Nail Care Home Remedies and Nail Beauty Tips

Nail Care Tips at Home For Women and Men

Nails also play an important role in beauty of men and women. If nails are beautiful then women can polish them for more beauty and charm. Yellowchipped, peeled, uglyflaky fingernails are the main nail problems. Men and women try different products and strategies to stop nail problems from happening. But in order to solve nails botheration, it is must to understand the causes how your nails got that way, understanding the main cause of nail problem will help you come up with a better strategy. The more that you know actually about your nails, the better you will be able to care for them and make your nails beautiful, long, strong and healthy.

Human nails are made up of hardened dead cells containing the fibrous protein keratin. Everyone’s nails grow at different rates. The average monthly nail growth for a healthy person is about 0.11 inches (about one millimeter). Our nails are complex in their structure. There are actually a number of major visible parts as well as some that can not be seen. The nail consists of the nail plate, the Lunule, the nail folds, the ephonychium, the cuticle, the free edge, and the hyponychium. If you don’t understand these terms, don’t worry, you don’t need to understand these terms. You just keep reading this article and I hope at the end you will learn how to protect your nails from different problems and make them long, healthy, strong and lovely.

Many people neglect small areas of body such as hands and nails etc. Majority of young girls do not have much knowledge and information about how to make their nails beautiful, healthy, shiny, attractive and strong. Nails care is very essential as your hands are always visible and most prominent part of your body, so beautiful nails make your hands more beautiful and attractive.
Nail CareHow would you respond if someone request you to have a look at your nails? Would you be too uncomfortable to expose them, or would you be happy to show off your nails. For girls and women this is a very serious topic. The women who take care of their nails and beauty they never hesitate to show their nails in parties as they know the importance of beautiful nails in hands beauty and their nails beauty is praised by others.

Here I am going to write some nails beauty tips which are very effective and beneficial for making your nails healthy, beautiful and shiny.

1. Use of rubber gloves:
When you wash clothes or dishes with harsh detergents it causes damage to both your nails and hands. So wear rubber gloves while washing clothes and dishes because they protect your nails from absorbing large amount of water and prevent them to cause irritation and chronic infection.
2. Healthy diet:
For making your nails strong,healthy and shiny,it is necessary to take a healthy diet that is rich in essential nutrients,proteins and vitamins. Curd, cheese, fresh carrot juice, fish, banana and onion are very helpful for making your nails strong and healthy.
3. Drink plenty of water:
Drink plenty of water to make your nails strong because water keeps nails hydrated and flushes out the toxins.
4. Avoid excessive use of nail polish:
Avoid artificial dyes and low quality or excessive use of nail polishes because they make your nails to lose natural pinkness and shine.Also continuous application of nail polish prevents oxygen to reach the nails as a result of which nails become pale,weak and purple.
[adsense]5. Use of olive oil:
When you use nail polish remover on your nails on a regular basis,your nail will get dehydrated just like your skin.So use olive oil that makes your nails moisturized.
6. Cleaning nails:
Cleanliness of nails also make them strong and beautiful.You can use nail brush or tooth brush for cleaning your nail.Don’t use any hard instrument for cleaning your nails because it is harmful for your nails.
7. Use of garlic juice:
Apply garlic juice on nails or rub the nails with clove of garlic makes your nails healthy and strong.
8. Warm olive oil:
Dip your fingers in warm olive oil for about 10 to 15 minutes,then massage it. This will strengthens the nails.
9. Trimming of nails:
Trim your nails with a nail clipper,cutting them straight across to make them strong and healthy.
10. Mixture of warm water and lemon juice:
Dip your nails in a cup of warm water to which a spoon full of fresh lemon juice is added, brightens your nails and removes stains.
11. Wash hands with a gentle soap:
Always wash your hands with gentle soap and using a harsh soap may make your nails brittle.
12. Chemical exposure:Chemicals and solvents present in many cleaning products can dry out or damage your fingernails, leading to peeling. Lots of people don’t take proper precautions when cleaning the house. For the sake of your nails, wear gloves and wash your hands with soap after cleaning.

I, believe all the nail care tips written above are very helpful for making your nail long, strong, healthy and beautiful. So your work is the practical implementation of these tips in your daily life.