Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is one of those richest gulf countries, which has a great wealth of opportunities. Since the gulf countries have been blessed with the natural oil resources, the traditional jobs which are available in Dubai are mostly based on oil and gas industries.

Now there has been an immersed establishment of the free zone by the government of Dubai after the Dubai has come out from the great financial crises. Due to the free zone, now people can find job in many other professions also such as banking, IT, media industries etc. salaries which are offered in Dubai are highest among other countries because of being tax free.

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There is a great variation in the salaries of the people from different occupations based on their profession. For example, the salaries of civil engineers are highest whereas salaries of labours may be low. People across the world eagerly strive to get the job in Dubai since there are many other opportunities and benefits which are associated with those jobs such as accommodation, free medical, free transport, free visa etc.  

There are many ways by which a person can apply for the job in Dubai. Anyone who thinks that he is eligible for any job vacancy in Dubai can apply for it by sitting in his home country and can also go to Dubai on visit visa to find the job. When they get the job, their visit visa is automatically converted to the residential visa. The company in Dubai which wants to hire you will ask you to apply for the work permit from the ministry of labour and social affairs and as soon as you get the permission, the residential visa is issued by the company. The cooperation of the companies in Dubai has made it quite possible for the people to come all across the world and work in Dubai.

The new financial free zone has also been created by the Dubai government. It serves as a global financial centre for the people and the companies. The companies of Dubai get a lot of benefits from that financial centre in the form of zero tax and many technologies and some facilities. There is a huge self-contained community in the new financial zone where there are many hotels, restaurants, bars, offices and many other places for available which are providing a best platform to come on and to start the business. The companies who are searching for the place to invest money for growing itself and those individuals who are jobless and want to get a job are welcome to home here and apply for the available jobs.

 There is a wide range of jobs available in Dubai in almost all the sectors such as construction, transport, administrative work, interior design etc. The local newspaper of Dubai publishes the ads when there is a need of new workforce. The companies also advertise the available vacancies on their official website to let the world know about it. There are many websites on the internet which are not under the ownership of any company. Such websites contain the job details from all over the world. There are variety of articles written in these websites on the purpose of informing the people about the availability of the job and also some other details of the job such as salary and details of other incentives which a person will get after getting the job.  

If you are outside the Dubai and want to apply for the job available in Dubai, you will have to provide the company with several documents in order to apply for the job. Those documents are national identity card of the country of which you have a citizenship, photocopies of the identity cards of the parents, passport size coloured recent photographs, driving license, passport photocopy and also a permission that you have got from the ministry of social affairs of Dubai.

For getting a good job in Dubai, there is a need to have a perfect resume. Your resume is such a document, which you use to market your skills, abilities and achievements. A well-designed resume can help a person a lot in getting a job of his choice. If you think that your resume is not good enough, you can consult a professional resume maker to get it done for you. There are also many software which can design a perfect resume for you. Your resume should be designed in such a way that it can reflect your skills.