Housekeeping Jobs in UK

The United Kingdom is a financially sound country in continent Europe. The per capita income of the inhabitants and other oversea immigrants are fantastic. It is a beautiful country that pulls tourists from other countries.

Job Opportunities in United Kingdom

Similarly, there are different employees, immigrants, businessmen and students. The overseas guests reside in hotels, hostels and guest houses.

The hotel and guest houses demand different types of employees including housekeepers. The housekeeper is the person that performs different activities like cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, setting beds, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens.

Similarly, housekeeper also mops floors. The housekeeper jobs are required in hotel, hostels, guest houses and hospitals. In United Kingdom these jobs advertised in leading newspapers and online websites.

Housekeeping Job Responsibilities in Hotel
In the UK hotel the housekeeper performs different tasks according to the given schedule. The primary tasks assigned for the housekeeper are clean rooms and suites, lobbies, lounges, restrooms, corridors, elevators, stairways, Casino floor, etc.

The housekeeper also clean rugs, carpets, furniture and use vacuum cleaner. The housekeeper in hotel empties wastebaskets, ashtrays and removes waste from rooms. The employee of this position also washes windows, door panels, ceiling and woodwork.

Housekeeping job requirements in hotel
Housekeeping job usually demands experience of this field specifically in hospitality industry. He must have the basic awareness of the cleaning machines and tools. The position demands at least high school diploma or GED. Physical fitness and mental alertness is necessary for this housekeeper job.

Housekeeping Job Responsibilities in Hostel
In the United Kingdom there are different types of hostels pacifically student’s hostels and employee hostel or old age citizen hostel.

The hostel rooms are arranged and decorated by the housekeeper. The housekeeper cleans room, washrooms and common room. The housekeeper arranges bed, changes broadsheets, clean furniture, floor and remove different types of trashes.

Housekeeping job requirements in hostel
The housekeeper must have at least high school diploma, relevant experience and skills of cleaning. The employee must have experience in the field of cooking, washing, laundry and can move heavy objects like bed.

He must be available in both shifts like morning and evening as well as weekends or holidays if required. Housekeeper in hostel also registers guests, attend phone calls and note messages.

Housekeeping Job Responsibilities in Hospital
In the United Kingdom hospitals are world class, equipped with all modern facilities and services. The housekeeper jobs are hired by the hospital management for the cleaning, arrangement and decoration of the rooms, lobby, waiting area and other necessary parts.

The housekeeper changes bed sheets, curtains and pillows. The employee of this job cleans the floor, washrooms and vacuum carpets. Moreover, housekeepers also remove all trashes from the dustbins and other collecting points. Housekeeper always sprays different types of antiseptic on floors, washrooms and other living areas to control the diseases and infections.

Housekeeping job requirements in hospital
The hospital of the United Kingdom induct housekeeper having at least high school diploma with relevant experience. He must be aware about health and sanitation requirements in hospital rooms and waiting areas. The physical fitness is necessary for this job because it takes hours to complete. 

How to apply housekeeper job in the United Kingdom
The housekeeper jobs are published in leading English newspapers as well as online websites. Hotels and hospitals also announce these jobs in their own websites. There are two common ways to apply for these vacant positions. The common and simple way is through online application by using the provided application format. The online application format requires the personal details of the applicant. However, after filling out online application form the applicant submit it online. The other traditional method is through postal or courier application. The courier application requires hard copies of documents.

The UK work permit procedure
Once the United Kingdom employer selects the overseas housekeeper on merit than he has to arrange work permit for that particular employee.

Initially the UK employer advertises this job in newspapers and online websites. If there is no suitable candidate appears for this job, then he gets permission from the labor ministry to induct oversea worker. The labor ministry after confirmation issues the permission for that.

The employer then issue the job offer letter or sponsor letter. The employer dispatch the permission letter from authorities and job offer letter or sponsor letter to newly selected employee overseas. The employee then filled out work permit application form and attaches all concerned documents with this application and submits in the UK visa application centre of his home country. The visa officer thoroughly checks these provided documents and then make a decision about the work permits. The UK work permits requirements.
1. Valid job offer or sponsor letter from the UK employer and it should be by named.
2. Authority letter from the labor ministry to hire overseas worker.
3. Valid passport of the applicant and other traveling documents.
4. Attested copies of all concerned documents.
5. Visa processing fee receipt.