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Marriage in Islam Significance and Obligations

Marriage is a union between a man and a woman, under the commitment and mutual permission to live together as a wife and husband according to the teachings of their faith or religion. In Islam marriage being an obligatory act is so important that it is declared to be one half of single Muslim’s faith. You might be thinking that if marriage completes half our faith they why shouldn’t that half be the best half? Of course, we should choose a perfect life partner to complete our faith. Our Holy Prophet of Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him) also married and encouraged others to marry by saying: “A person who he is able to support a wife and children and does not marry then he is not from us.

Islam asks us not to delay in marriage. We all know this famous hadith of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him: “Do not delay in three things; i) The offering of the compulsory prayer. ii) The offering of the funeral prayer when the dead body is present . iii) The marriage of a woman when her match is found

Almighty Allah orders us to marry in surah an-Nur 24:32: “And marry those of your men and women who are leading an unmarried life i.e. single, and also (marry) those of your male and female slaves who are righteous and fit for marriage. If they are poor, Almighty Allah will make them rich out of His grace and Allah is Most Infinite, knows all things.

If a person wants to marry but cannot afford it, then it is the duty of his/her parents or relatives (in case parents are dead) or state (if he/she has no alive relatives) to arrange his/her marriage. Islam emphasized marriage so much because of different reasons like:
Marriage in Islami) Marriage makes an incomplete human being a complete one, our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says, “No house has been built in Islam more beloved in the sight of Allah than through marriage”.
ii) Marriage completes one’s faith. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says, “One who marries, has already guarded half of his religion, therefore he should fear Allah for the other half”
iii) Marriage is necessary for producing children.
iv) Marriage safeguards one from the sins of fornication, homosexuality and masturbation.
v) Marriage is one of the most liked Sunnah in Islam, our holy prophet (peace be upon him) married and encouraged others to marry.
vi) The purpose of marriage in Islam is to bring the sense of respect for the life partner by guarding one’s own self.
vii) Marriage sets a path for fulfillment of natural instinct in a legitimate manner.
viii) Marriage provides tranquility, security and peace.
ix) Closeness, cooperation and good relations among two or more families.

Almighty Allah helps all those who want to marry in order to protect themselves from sin. It is not good to jump into a marriage thinking about one’s own desires, as marriage is a bond of love not only between two persons but between two families. Husband and wife in Islam not only share their happiness, joys and dreams but also face problems, fears and hardships together and hope for bright future. So one partners should always think and take care of the other one, in this way this world will become heaven for all mankind.

[adsense]Both bride and groom have rights, as well as obligations. Quran orders men to live with their wives on a footing of kindness and always take care of them. We all know a famous hadith of our holy prophet Muhammad peace be upon him: “Among the believers, those who have the utmost of belief, are those who have the best character and morals; and your best are those who are best to their wives i.e remain kind to their wives”. Husband should not insult his wife, especially in front of her children or in front of her parents, family or strangers. A home based on respect, kindness and love is a home full of peace and nourishes the children who grow up healthy emotionally.

Dear readers at the end, I must say that Islam does not prohibits us to do any lawful act but puts decent limits to every act. Islam does not believe in free and open society as we can see in west, but Islam promotes love, care and respect in the Muslim society where wife and husband live happily with their children and families. Marriage in Islam teaches both man and women to stay ready to sacrifice and endure for his/her life partner. Until the world realizes the importance of marriage as well as its benefits and advantages as told by Islam, it will face endless problems. So I suggest you to marry as soon as possible if your age and pocket allow you to marry. I hope you will like this article and put your comments at the end of article. Your help and suggestions will really help us to write according to public demand.