Natural Way to Lose Weight Fast at Home | Quick Weight Loss Tips

Fast Weight Loss Tips For Men and Women to Lose Weight Quickly

This is the era of science and information technology and everyone is familiar with the concept of losing weight and maintaining the beauty of body. In my opinion if a fat man or woman starts acting upon these simplest three tips: i) eat less fat, ii) less sugar, iii) work more, he/she will never get extra weight . So what is wrong with these easy looking tips? No, nothing is wrong but the difficulty begins when it comes to applying these tips to resist hunger and not get tired, these tips need only few days of sacrifice from us.

In this article I am going to write quick weight loss tips that will help men and women to lose extra weight within few days of application without any fear of hunger.

  1. Always eat meal sitting and avoid eating meal while you are running, walking fast, or standing.
  2. Do not eat food or fruit fast, chew it well and drink water in the beginning to give the feeling of fullness , if you eat slowly, you will feel full sooner with less amount of food.
  3. Try to eat vegetables, healthy salads, fruits, olive oil, pasta, spaghetti, white meat (poultry , chicken ) and fish. Do not eat frequently red meat , butter and fatty dairy products like pastries, sweets, cakes, etc. Always try to choose healthy foods for eating.
  4. Keep yourself away from bad habit of eating everything. Never eat what you think will make you fat and drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to be healthy and fit.
  5. After each meal is good practice to take 5 to 15 minutes walk in order to burn calories and reduce diabetes risk.
  6. Tv dramas and movies are liked by all of us but we should switch off tv, as watching tv, working on computer, playing video games or reading books while eating food tend to eat more as we enjoy every bite of our food. When watching television or movies, instead of chopping things that make you fat, eat a salad of cabbage, lettuce or artichoke.
  7. Quick Weight Loss TipsWhen you feel unmanageable hunger to eat fattening foods, you should take a slice of cheese with bread. It will not only fulfill your hunger but also not make you comparatively fat.
  8. Drink excess of water to lose your weight because it is essential not only for your body but also for proper functioning of  your kidney whose job is to reduce and  burn the amount of  fats stored in your body  and maintaining your body healthy, smart and slim.
  9. Latest research of loosing weight shows that every person can burn between 30 to 45 percent more fats by drinking  four to five cups of green tea in a day.
  10. Add enough dairy to your diet  for loosing your body weight because it makes very easy for losing those extra pounds and burning fats without cutting calories.
  11. Your sleeping habit also plays a very vital role in reducing or gaining of your body weight. So, sleep 7-8 hours every day, because if you sleep over eight hours or less than seven hours then according  to researchers  you will gain your body weight.
  12. Drinking a glass of water or vegetable juice before lunch or dinner will put down your appetite and as a result you will eat less helping you to lose weight quickly.
  13. [adsense]Taking a multivitamin every day will help you in maintaining your weight by reducing your appetite.
  14. Use baby utensils, forks and spoons to avoid overeating and forcing yourself to take smaller bites which will make your food last longer and make you satisfied sooner with not too many calories .
  15. If you want to lose weight without exercising then a diet with more will help you lose weight quickly . A smart way to lose weight fast is eat high carbohydrate diets in days of exercises and high protein diets in the days when you do not exercise.
  16. Avoid using plastic containers and cups and heating them in the microwave oven as plastic make you gain weight quickly.
  17. It is commonly used tip for weight loss to drink honey and lemon juice mixed in warm water every day early in the morning.
  18. When you think your willpower about losing weight is breaking, imagine of yourself when you will look slim and smart after losing extra weight. This visual motivation will keep you focused on your destination of weight.

Dear readers, these are few fast weight loss tips that will surely help you to reduce weight withing few days without spending any money and indulging yourself in heavy exercises. Eat less and work more is the key to lose weight. If you want to share your working tips for weight loss then please contact me directly or add your comments at the end of this post. Your help may help others to lose weight fast.