Homemade Bridal Beauty Tips Before Marriage

Bridal Beauty Tips Home Remedies

The wedding day of any woman is the most special day of her life. Every bride wants to look younger, attractive, beautiful and charming or you can say to look her best on the marriage day as she would be the centre of attention and most prominent among all the people.
Here I am going to write some bridal beauty tips and make sure that if any girl really wants to look good and fresh on her wedding day, the following bridal beauty tips are essential and will change her look on the most special and memorable day of her life.
Bridal Skin Beauty tips: One of the most important and homemade beauty tip for bridal skin is to start drinking a lot of water 8 to 10 glass minimum per day 3 to 4 months before from your marriage. Also start cleansing, toning and moisturizing of your skin before 70 to 90 days of your marriage to get fresh, healthy, shiny and beautiful whiter skin.
Stress is the biggest enemy not only of women but also men skin, so brides should stay away from stress because it makes your skin dull and charmless. Use concealers, face powder, primers for flawless looking skin. Primers hide imperfections of skin such as blotching and acne scars and makes bride’s skin smooth, soft and moisturized.

Bridal Eyes beauty tips: The bridal eye makeup plays an important role in the overall makeup process for the wedding day which needs careful consideration. There is a proper sequence of techniques and steps that are important to follow while doing bridal eye makeup. You should be very firm regarding the shades, colors and products of cosmetics that you want to apply in your bridal eye makeup, to look stunning. Before applying any eye shadow or eye color, it is very important to apply foundation that matches your skin underneath the eye and over the eyelid. Avoid putting up a lot of foundation to cover your dark circles as it will put light in to dark areas and make your puffy eyes easily seen in photographs. The addition of water proof black mascara will add sophisticated style to your eye makeup and make your eye lashes look thicker, long and beautiful. For the ultimate stunning looks use eye gloss to give a sheer shine to the eyelids.

Bridal Beauty Tips

Bridal eyelashes tips: Almost every bride wants long and thick eyelashes.  Long, black and thick lashes complete the overall beauty of bride. After lengthening eyelashes serum you can see before and after difference.

Bridal hairstyles tips: While talking about bridal beauty how can I forget hairstyles? Bridal hairstyle changes the whole look of brides so always take care of your hair and choose your wedding day hairstyle on the advice of an expert beautician.  There are a number of bridal hair styles on internet to choose from. The wedding hair styles for traditional brides are completely different from the modern brides.

Bridal nails and hand care tips: On last day of shadi bride and her beauty is always the centre of attention and almost every men and women, boy and girl try to have a look at bride. So it is important for bride to pay attention to all visible parts of her body. The bride should set her nails with matching nail polish and take care of her hands too as these two parts are most visible and noted by others who compare face skin with hands skin. Brides should make sure that their nails will be perfect in shape on their wedding day to enjoy the difference after bridal manicure and this can happen only when brides start taking care of their nails beauty at least two months before wedding.
[adsense]For the optimum hands and nails beauty, the best among the nail care tips is the use of cuticle oil regularly to keep the dry skin off from your nails.
In order to clean stained hands, mix a teaspoon of salted water with olive oil. Massage this on hands, and rinse well. For hands bleaching mix a few drops of lemon juice, almonds, glycerin and milk cream and massage this paste on your hands softly. You might know a common home remedy for hands that is lemon juice mixed with rose water and glycerin makes an effective hand lotion and makes your hand soft, smooth and glowing

Handbags, dresses, jewelry tips: Bridal dress must be perfect. I don’t mean it should be costly but I mean it must fit bride and selected in such a way that it changes the whole look of bride. Bridal jewllery is also necessary for getting outstanding look. In Pakistan gold jewelry is used in marriages. But as now a days gold is not affordable by common people so brides can used artificial jewllery for this purpose. There is a fashion of bridal handbag too. If a hand bag matches bridal dress and shoes then it enhances the beauty of bride.

Bridal Mehndi Tips: Mehndi is a tradition of Pakistan. No marriage without mehndi. Women love mehndi. Bridal mehndi designs on hands, feet, and arms enhances the beauty of bride. An expert mehndi designer will change the whole look of bride. You can also create your own mehndi designs and for this purpose you can get online help.

Dear readers, above are few bridal beauty tips that I am sure, will help brides to get stunning and beautiful look. There are many other tips and tricks that are used to enhance bridal beauty but you should keep in mind over makeup is not good for any bride. Bridal makeup by an expert beautician can change the whole look of bride and in turn she can make home in the heart of her life partner from the first day or night of marriage.