How to get job in UAE

UEA is considered to be one of the most Developed countries of Asia. That is the reason why adarents of countries like Pakistan , Bangladesh, Srilanka , move to UAE for getting them employed. In case you want job in UAE this article is for you.

Visa Proces

There are two Types of jobs as you apply for the job. In One case the Visa is provided to you by the Company while in other one you have to get visa by Yourself.

Most famous companies Do Provide the Visa to selected candidates. In that case they deduct the charges spent on your Visa from the monthly income that you get on monthly basis.

One another way to get job with in Dubai is by visiting country on Visit Visa. In most the cases the time span of Visit Visa is from 3 to 5 Months. As you visit dubai on visit visa you can apply for the job over there. There are number of chances for you to get selected in any job during your stay. But there is Risk involved.

Jobs In UAE

Jobs in UAE that have Good Demand are

  • Security Guards
  • Technical Skill Jobs
  • Jobs In Call Centers
  • Salesman jobs
  • Labor jobs
  • Engineer jobs
  • Nurse Jobs

Security Jobs

The most attractive job that most job seeker are looking for is of a Security Guard. Security jobs are well paying jobs in Dubai. You can easily make 1800 to 2500 UAE Dirhams in case you get job of security Guard.

Most suitable way to get this job is by Applying for the job before Visiting country. Company will select you from your country and will provide you with Visa to Work in UAE. In case you do not get job from your own country then second option that you can chose is go there on Visit visa and search job there.

Technical jobs

In case you are not much qualified second option with which you get chance is get technical Education. Get your self skilled in any field such as Mason, Plumber, Electrician, etc.

Once you are skilled than it becomes easier for you to make more money by less struggle while working abroad. Now you can also get skill in any IT related field such as Programming, Coding, Video Editing , Photoshop etc.

Hospitality Sector jobs

There is a huge potential in this sector. Number of jobs that are related to this are increasing day by day. To get these jobs firstly you will have to get experience of at least 6 months than you can get these jobs. As major companies are demanding experienced candidates as compared to fresh ones.

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