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Depression Symptoms, Causes and Treatment at Home

Depression is something which belongs to a person’s feelings and thoughts that can have a negative impact on a person’s health and fitness. It is usually a normal act in every category. A person in that condition may feel hopeless, sad and helpless. Depressed people lose their interest in almost every enjoyable activity. Depression may occur when a person is afraid to face the truth and reality. In some conditions (or we can say a height of depression) a person may lead to suicide, this may happens to all of us as almost every person in this world is depressed in his own activities & problems. Now a lot of questions arise in our minds that what to do with that depression thing, how to deal with depression, how to treat and stop depression, what to do about depression and the important question is what are the causes depression.

We are looking for the cause of depression and nobody is still sure what causes depression. A victim of depression may take less interest in working, sleeping, studying and eating, according to experts this type of depression is very disabling which means a victim may not function properly, this type of depression is depressive disorder. The other type is Dysthymic disorder; in this case a victim may suffer for a long period of time perhaps as long as a couple of months, years and often longer. However this case is not as severe as in major disorder. However the victim may find it difficult to feel normally.

Some people experienced Dysthymia only once in their whole life time while some people may have experienced some episodes of their life time. While in the psychotic type of depression a victim may be afraid of how to face the reality. If there is a tension in the family then there are a lot of chances of developing depression among the family members just because of genetic links, which is influenced by multiple genes working together with external Depressionfactors and environments. An unethical experience also leads us to depressive illness like loss of a truly love able family member, rape or sexual harassment, physical abuse and hard relationships. The most parts of our brain which deals with thinking and behavior do not work properly in depression mode, even our brain cells stop to communicate with each other.

There are several symptoms of depression such as, hopeless, restless, emptiness, sadness, irritability, losing interest in hobbies and other activities like sex, finding hard in making decisions and remembering details, sleeping and eating routine may disturbed, feeling like crying, a feeling of guilt, thoughts of self harm or suicide, victim may have fever which can’t be better with treatment. Depressed people may lead to drugs and alcohol which is curious for health. Depression level may be high in the people suffering from diseases like HIV/AIDS, heart diseases etc. According to experts a person having depression and anxiety as well as another serious illness may find very difficult to adapt to his normal conditions.

Students face depression very much as they are depressed of their school results, parents and teachers. Students feel very difficult how to share their school results with their parents, while parents are depressed about their children’s future. According to the survey 42 per cent of college students are feeling depressed.

[adsense]We should take it seriously that what to do about depression, and how to treat and stop depression, it is highly curable and all we need to visit our doctors to rule out. The sooner a person approaches to doctor the more effective that cure will be. Some people want to stay depressed as they find their selves more comfortable in this condition, but we should not get into this because depression has a deep impact on our mental level and health. We should make efforts to get ourselves out of depression, this practice may be difficult and uncomfortable but sooner or later it can lift us out of depression.

For depression homemade treatment find out which home remedy for depression is safe and effective and don’t forget the importance of diet and exercise in curing depression. In order to treat depression at home you have to get back in a routine, set your goals, eat healthy foods, exercise daily, drink lot of water, get enough sleep, avoid thinking negative, always try to do something new, take advice from your doctor and try to have fun. If you act upon these home tips for depression then you will defeat it easily.

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