Dark Spots on Skin Causes and Home Treatment

Dark Spots on Face Home Remedies

Dark spots on skin, is a common skin problem specially beginning in young or middle age. These dark spots are also known as hyper pigmentation. There are a variety of conditions, internal disorders and agents that can cause dark spots or pigmentation to develop. If dark spots are caused by popping pimples in the past these can be treated by concealer but if dark spots are caused by internal disorders then some specific treatments should apply. Dark spots which are caused by popping pimples in the past on your face and when these pimples scars exposed to the sun will become dark permanently. So always try to avoid exploding pimples with fingers.
Causes of Dark Spots
Some causes of dark spots are Melanin, Exposure to Sun, Age and Medications.


Melanin is the pigment that is responsible for skin color. And when overabundance of this pigment occur dark spots or patches display on skin.
Exposure to Sun
People have fair skin or are genetically inclined to freckles when these people go in sunlight or exposed to sun their moles and freckles become darken and multiply and these darken forms display on face, Arms, Chest, Hands.
Age Factor
Collagen is the essential protein that is responsible for skin structure and due to aging process irregularities produce in this protein show wrinkles and discoloration(Dark spots).
Dark spots are also caused by certain medications for example birth control pills produce dark spots on face.
Home Remedies For Dark Spots
Dark SpotsInstead of spending lots of money on treatments at high beauty clinic or at a beauty specialist you can fade dark spots naturally by their over time or by applying natural home remedies.
1. You can put pure sugar in one bowl and add fresh lemon juice in it to make it paste. Use this paste in night as a scrub and rinse it off in morning you should continue this process for several months. Lemon can lighten the skin and hair but it takes some time to lighten the dark spots, usually several months.
2. Mix honey and lemon juice together and apply this paste to your face having dark spots and leave it for 30 minutes and then rinse it off. Lemon dries the skin but honey gives moisturizer to your skin.
3. Take strawberries and peal apricots and mash them together to make a paste. Apply this paste to your face and rinse it off after 13 minutes .This process can help you to reduce your dark spots.
4. Apply pineapple juice on your dark spots with the help of cotton ball.
5. Take fresh parsley, turmeric and lime juice and grind these three things together and apply this mixture to your face before applying cream or lotion. The mixture will reduce dark spots on face.
6. Mix 1 part of onion with 1 part of apple cider and apply this mixture to your face with cotton ball. Repeat this treatment daily and your dark spots begin to lighten.
7. Apply aloe Vera on the dark spots directly and after 45 minutes rinse it off. You will feel improvement and gradually dark spots will be faded.
[adsense]8. Eat chocolates and citrus fruits and use of green tea daily. These things rich in antioxidants so these things help in dark spots reduction.

9. Take honey, milk, lemon juice and mashed potatoes and mix these things together. Apply this mixture to your face and to that area which is affected by dark spots. This mixture helps you to remove dark spots.
10. Make a paste using 2 parts of flour, 1 part of milk or curd, juice of half a lime, 1 part tomato juice and some turmeric. Clean your face with rose water. Apply the paste on wet face and leave it to dry. Scrub out the dried paste gently using just a drop or two of castor or almond oil. Don’t push it if all of it doesn’t come off. Clean out the remaining powder using the squeezed lemon slice that you dipped in rose water, very gently. Wash your face with chilled water then softly pat dry and apply whatever moisturizer you use normally.

Dear readers, above are few home remedies for dark spots that will surely, help you to remove or fade dark spots from your face or body skin. If you want to share your tips for dark spots with others then please send us directly or add in the form of your comments at the end of this article.