Diabetes Effects on Married Life | Diabetes and Marriage Problems

Effects of Diabetes on Married Man and Women with Tips and Treatment

Diabetes, according to the doctors is a metabolic disease in which the level of sugar in a person’s blood get higher either because of scarce level of insulin fabrication or because body cell do not respond to insulin adequately. Patients that have an increased level of blood sugar specially will be in the need of regular use of going to washroom, the intake of water has also been increased due to the desirous passion for water. The patients having being diagnosed as diabetic also have an amplified level of sugar.
If we talk about the impact of diabetes on married life or sexual life of an individual or on the life of both partners, the effect will be varied accordingly. Because it’s the nerves that will make the body responsive to feel any erotic touch, but if there is a situation where a person’s body is producing something that directly damages the nerves, and as a result this situation has a very irritating for a person to bear all this.

Effects of Diabetes on Married Men: If we talk about the effect of diabetes on the married life of a man, the organ that is responsible for intercourse for man is penis and its erection. And the male who suffered from diabetes have an impact on the erectile functions of the penis which decrease the ecstasy of the pleasure generation while doing intercourse. This problem leads towards many problems in the marriage life. This problem can be very gloomy for the males not only with the disease that he carries but the problem that he faces while having the pleasure of their life time and the fear of losing his personality in front of his life partner. Studies indicated that as many as 80% of the men are facing this problem which carries that disease. The studies also shows that this erectile dysfunction can be an indicator for the high level of blood sugar in a male body. If a male is facing this disorder, nothing to worry for that. One just have to consult an excellent physician describing the full condition that what he is suffering from and what is the present condition of him. I have a good news for those who are facing this suffering that there is a proper medical treatment for the this illness. The key factor that will surely will be very benefited in eliminating this problem in males is to talk openly and describe a complete picture of what a male is having problem with.

Diabetes Effects on Married LifeIt’s not just the erectile dysfunction that disturbs the marriage life of men, premature ejaculation is also a problem that disrupt the flow of the pleasure in the marriage life of men. This situation occurred when the semen of male changes its route towards the bladder instead of going in outside world. A man that is having this problem can be medicated by discussing his situation with an expert urologist, and this situation can be handled by proper medication. A surgery can also be done to overcome this problem.

Effects of Diabetes on Married Women:The issue of diabetes and the issues that arises due to this illness not only disrupts the life of man, but also it is very irritating for females also. As the increasing level of blood sugar in the body results in damaging the nerve cells which results in malfunctioning of the female femininity organ (vagina). It has been observed that this disease results in the dryness of her femininity organ, resulting a very painful intercourse experience, which is a pleasurable experience for any couples. This also affect the lack of desire for intercourse which can be sometimes very disturbing among weds and leads to many complications in their relation.
Tips and Solution: Many people feel shy about describing their sexual disorders with the physician. But if they understand it, it will be an excellent way to find a cure for their worries. Following are some tips for those who are facing these kind of issues in the married life.

1.)        The first and the most effective way is by adopting a healthy diet habit, exercise daily and also by taking prescribed medicines or by taking the proper level of insulin.

2.)        Keep a check on your blood sugar level as advised by your doctor. In the occurrence of any side effect, consult with your doctor as soon as possible.

I think that these tips would be helpful in overcoming this problem. Another thing that has to be the main consideration that the marriage is not just about the pleasure and ecstasy, but it’s about being dependable and trust between the partners. So, both have to understand each other and stand by each other side in the days of gloominess. By doing this it will be easy for both of the couples to be in a healthy and happy relationship.
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