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Quick and Easy Makeup Tips and Tricks For Men and Women

Time is precious for all of us and no one wants to waste time everyday in front of the mirror. Women in Asia especially in Pakistan and India spend a lot of time in preparing for parties, going to school, college, universities or offices. Even when they have to go to a neighbor house for lending something for kitchen use they try to get some unique look by using makeup kit at home. This is not bad to take care of your beauty and health but, is it not better to know some quick perfect natural makeup tips and tricks to get gorgeous look daily without spending hours before mirror? Yes, it is best to know some makeup techniques to look different and attractive like a star.
Makeup artists charge too much money that is not affordable by a middle class woman. Here are few quick makeup tips that will really help you to change your look and style.
Before starting any kind of makeup you need to prepare your face and body for it. This preparation will help you in getting unique, prettier and gorgeous look. Before applying makeup on your face you should wash it using a gentle cleanser. It will decrease blood flow in your face and as a result reduce puffiness under your eyes.
Always remember to pick lighter color concealer than your natural skin color and apply it after applying foundation with a circular motion.
Makeup Tips

  • Perfect tools play an important role in any kind of makeup. You should apply makeup using correct makeup application tools. Everyone from skilled makeup artists to an ordinary woman can change her total outlook and style by using the right tools.
  • If you want to look stunning then you have to pay full attention while applying eye makeup. Our makeover artist says: “Apply makeup in such a way that it should enhance your natural beauty, not in a way that it changes your features completely.” Before applying eye makeup you need to know which type of eyes you have? Big or small? Brown or Green? This knowledge will really help you to change the entire look of your eyes as well as face. You can also apply waterproof mascara to enhance the beauty of eye lashes. Apply a bit of Vaseline to your eyelashes in order to nourish and moisturize them. Eyes are very sensitive parts of our body so you should remove eye makeup as soon as you don’t need it.
  • One of the best tricks to emphasize the eye area is to maintain eyebrow as thick as possible. You are not demanded to never shave but advised to maintain eyebrows natural thickness. Use an angled brush to outline the upper eyelid with a dark shadow. Remove the excess powder from your eyebrows with a suitable brush.
  • If you have little time for a cosmetic for your eyes, mascara is the ideal solution. Remember to chose mascara based on your needs. Just a few quick passes a bit of mascara on upper lashes will make your face bright and seductive in within no time.

    • Not only eyes but lips also play an important role in defining natural face beauty. Dark, dull and dry lips lower your beauty while pink, red, and well shaped bright color lips increase your beauty. You can moisturize your lips by applying chap stick.
    • Go for a manicure and pedicure at regular intervals to ensure a charming look. If you have ugly nails then all your efforts on makeup will be ruined as everybody loves beautiful nails.
    • Brush your teeth regularly to make then white and beautiful. White shining teeth really change your look and make you attractive.
    • If you select wrong make up for your skin and apply it improperly too it can give freckles result. The most important key to successful makeup is the correct application. Make sure the make up you use matches the tone of your skin. Remember that makeup is not designed to hide facial imperfections, but has created just to give you an even skin tone and fabulous look.I hope if you apply makeup by following above mentioned makeup tips will help you to go to office or perform other daily activities with a neat, clean fresh and beautiful look, without losing a lot of time. If you have some working makeup tips that can enhance natural beauty of others then please share them in the form of comments.