Men and Women Hair Loss Solutions That Actually Work

Hair Loss Tips and Solutions

Hair play an important role in human body. If they are at head, they will enhance face beauty and attract others, if they are at body, they will insulate the human body. Hair also protect skin from external factors, such as direct sunlight damage and chapped skin. Hair serve as a buffer against friction. Hair also soak up sweat from the skin so that it won’t cause irritation from friction and hair also redirect sweat so that certain parts of the body can dry faster and stay protected. Long and strong hair is a gift of Almighty Allah, as long and well combed hair change you look and make you more beautiful and attractive.

Hair loss is very common problem of men and women and every second person is facing it. People use different pharmaceutical items, products and other things to cop up this problem. Many companies make different products to solve this problem but after using these products, people come to know that the problem is still alive and annoying. Buying these products is also very expensive.

There are number of different reasons that cause hair loss such as oily scalp, hereditary, imbalance of hormones, dandruff, irregularity in diet, irregularity in washing hair, change of water and too much stress.

So, before starting efforts to treat hair fall you must have to find the actual reason for falling off your hair and once the reason has been found there are some useful everyday tips to prevent hair loss as follows:

1. Hot oil massage:
Take hot oil massage of your hair. This will help to restore the moisture of your locks, replenish the hair roots, provide sufficient nourishment, reduce the hair loss and make them healthy and strong. You can use any oil like olive, canola or coconut oil. Heat it up so that it is warm, but not too hot. Massage it on your scalp gently and leave it for an hour. After one hour wash your hair.
Hair Loss Problems and Solutions2. Onion juice:
Onion juice gives positive results in reducing hair loss and is said to boost hair growth and fighting against hair loss providing hair with all the necessary nutrients which are helpful in proper growth of hair. Apply onion juice on your scalp. Leave it on overnight and wash it thoroughly in the morning.
3. Daily head massage:
Massaging the scalp of your head will increase the circulation and will help you to reduce the hair fall. It will also keep the hair follicles active.
4. Mixture of Fenugreek seeds and yogurt:
Hair washed with the paste of Fenugreek seeds and yogurt prevents baldness and makes hair healthy and strong.
5. Excess of protein:
Use protein rich foods in your everyday life because your hair is made up of protein. One of the most reason of hair falling is the deficiency of proteins in your body, so never let your hair starve due to lack of this important nutrient in your diet.
6. Regular hair wash:
Dirty and polluted hair is more likely to get infected and more likely to fall, so keep your hair clean. Buy good quality shampoo and hair products. While shampooing your hair, be gentle on the hair and use your finger tips to massage your scalp for at least 40 seconds. Good stimulation is quite helping for growing hair.

7. Over washing of hair:
Never over wash your hair because excess washing of hair will not only strip the dirt but also take away the natural oils, moisture and damage the hair badly.
8. Avoid combing wet hair:
Don’t comb your hairs when they are wet as this lead to greater chances of breakage and falling of hair. So comb your when it is properly dry.
9. Avoid smoking:
Don’t smoke. Smoking reduces the blood flow to the scalp, which can cause reduction in hair growth.
10. Excessive use of water:
Excess use of water not only helps in growing of hair but also keeps them hydrated. So if you want to have healthy hair then drink sufficient water everyday.
11. Vitamin C in diet:
Vitamin C plays a vital role for healthy, shiny, strong and beautiful hairs. Add sufficient amount of vitamin C to your diet. Use Vitamin C rich foods like oranges, lemons and green peppers in your daily life.

I believe all the above mentioned hair loss solution tips will give you much insight to prevent your hair from falling. Now your work is the practical implementation of these tips in your daily life for improving your hair growth and makes them healthy, strong, beautiful, shiny and attractive.