Fashion Designing Institute, Courses and Job Opportunities in Pakistan

Definition of Fashion Designing With Scope and Career Opportunities

Fashion has become necessity in our life. There are different thoughts about it whether fashion is a necessity or luxury? Some people think fashion is not a necessity. For them, necessities are water, air, food, shelter and clothes. Some people think fashion is at least necessity now days as it deals with matter of attraction. In simple words you can imagine luxury is a necessity that begins where necessity ends. Women, all over the world, try to enhance their beauty and for this purpose use different kinds of fashion accessories. Every women or man is not expert in fashion tricks. That’s why they have to rely on fashion designers.

Who are Fashion Designers and what is Fashion Designing? In simple words fashion designer is someone who designs clothing. Dictionary definition of designer is a person who devises or executes designs, especially one who creates forms, structures, and patterns, as for works of art or machines. But in case of fashion design, a person who designs clothes and other fashion related accessories is known as fashion designer and his/her act of designing clothes is called fashion designing.

Fashion design is the art of the application of design to clothing and other fashion accessories. Fashion design is influenced by cultural and social boundaries and is changing over time and place. Fashion designers work in numerous ways to design beautiful clothes and other fashion accessories.
Fashion DesigningFashion designing helps us to change our outlook. The duty of designers is to prepare clothes for different occasions and different locations. The dresses are prepared by keeping in mind who is going to wear and in which situation or in what ceremony it will be worn. Fashion designing is a difficult job and fashion designers have to decide which material, color and shades should be used for different kinds of ceremonies. Some clothes are designed for celebrities in films and dramas and people round the world follow those designs. These designs not only help celebrities to become more popular but also help designers to earn more and more.

Normally fashion designing has three aspects i) Designing ii) Stitching iii) Merchandising. Fashion designing is a big income generating profession. There are thousands of examples that fashion designers earned a lot of money by this profession. This is the reason people all over the world try to learn fashion designing. There are many online schools and institutes that offer online fashion designing courses like women wear, fashion styling, accessories design, bridal designing, celebrity styles, stitching, merchandising, pattern making, garment sewing, knitwear design, textile design and many other online diploma courses for fashion designing. Fashion designing course is a must for all those people who want to become fashion designers and wish in making fashion designing their prime career by becoming qualified fashion designer.

Fashion Design involves the creation of clothing including men and women ready to wear clothes with costume designs. Designers develop their personal vision and design philosophy while deepening their understanding of the various international market segments. Fashion designing requires visual research, sketching ideas, design development, material selection, pattern making and creating line plans to draping and fully constructed garments.
There are vast opportunities in fashion design like Apparel Designer, Assistant Designer, Associate Designer, Costume Designer, Design Assistant, Design Director, Dress Designer, Fashion Consultant, Fashion Designer, Fashion Director, Fashion Illustrator, Fashion Supervisor, Head of Design, Menswear Designer, Women wear Designer, Pattern Designer, Junior Designer and Senior Designer.

So dear readers, if you want to become a fashion designer the keep in mind that fashion designing is a vast profession and you can safe your future by joining this as a professional. I have write briefly about fashion designing, if you want to add more in this article then please write it in the form of your comments at the end of this post. Your comments will be posted with thanks and hopefully your experiences will help other to better understand what is fashion designing and why he/she should become fashion designer in future?