Natural Homemade Beauty Tips For Dry and Dull Skin

Beauty Tips For Dry Skin in Winter and Summer Season

Everyone in the world is very touchy about the skin and tries to do some thing to make his/her skin look fresh and young all the time. For that they have to face some problems regarding skin caring. One of them is Dry skin. Dry skin is a scratchy form noticeable by scaling, burning, and cracking of skin. It can transpire for a diversity of reasons. For some people this problem comes naturally or genetically for which they have to carry it throughout their lives with proper cautions. It can be seen that some times the oiliest skin may bear this problem. This problem is not particular for any part of the body, but the most common places for it to occur are the places like legs, arms, and most probably abdominal area. Following are the types of skin dryness that comes in many people as a main concern for their worry. Dry skin is also an issue for those people whose worry is their skin.

Types of Dry Skin
First type of skin dryness that is a worry for most of the people is Dermatitis. Which in medical term refer to exceptionally dry skin, and this type is further categorized into four subcategories. These are Allergic, Atopic, Contact, and Seborrhea.

The symptoms of Allergic dermatitis are seen when the skin shows sensitivity to give feedback to certain substances causes rashes on the skin. This condition also known as eczema, this type of dermatitis leads to scarlet, scratchy skin that can also be crusty. This condition may get worse if a person exposed to an allergen, such as dust, pet dander, or pollen.

The second condition that relates to skin dryness is Atopic dermatitis which is a long-term skin stipulation that fallout in awfully dry skin. Some times person gets it genetically.

The third problem that is related with skin dryness is Contact dermatitis which comes if a person’s body is exposed to an irritating chemical agent. In this case, the skin immediately becomes inflamed for example poison oak and poison ivy.

The fourth problem related to skin dryness is seborrheic dermatitis which comes if a person’s skin produces too much oil. That results in a red and crusty rash, sometimes on the capitulum. This type of dermatitis is commonly seen in newborn.

Beauty Tips For Dry SkinIf a person is facing the dryness of skin and want a quick relief. The following dry skin care tips will be very helpful in overcoming the problem of dry skin. To get the comforting effect on the dry skin the person has to see its environment also. Like how you clean your skin and what type of clothes you wear.

Take bath with warm water not hot
Some people take bath with hot water during winter season; this is not a good habit, as hot water is very bad if you are having skin dryness. Because hot water is a reason to slip offs the oil from the body. The experts that are best in giving beauty tips for dry skin suggests that a warm shower of at least 5 to 10 minutes will be enough and the longer you stay under the warm water the higher the risk of damaging the skin. Afterwards softly stroke to dry the skin and use a good moisturizer.

Cleanse gently
The other thing that has to be remembered while taking shower is use a soap that has no fragrance. The soap with fragrance may contain certain chemicals that may harm the dry skin. There are certain products that can be used instead of fragrant soaps, which is an excellent replacement for those who are facing the skin dryness problem. Some specialist says that while applying any moisturizer don’t scrub too hard. It may give irritation on the skin.

Shave Smartly
Shaving is also has its part in skin dryness, because as you shave you are also scraping off natural oils from the body. So according to specialists the best time to shave is after you take the bath because the hairs after taking bath will be smoother and easier to shave. Also always use shaving cream or gel and shave in the direction in which your hair grows to protect cutting the skin. Also make sure the razor you are using is sharp. A dull razor will result in additional irritation and change your razor often.

Cover Up
Another main cause of skin dryness is sun damage which leads to dry skin, wrinkles and roughness of the skin. In hot summer you can prevent it by wearing the soft colored clothes or use hat or sunglasses. In cool weather when you heat your home, your skin starts drying. To avoid this use moisturizer with more oil in it as compared to one that you normally use in summer season. Direct sunlight can also damage your skin even in winter; so protect your skin from direct sunlight. For lips you can use a chap stick and get rid of chapped lips.

So guys and girls, these are some dry skin beauty tips that can help you to get rid of skin dryness in almost all seasons of a year. If you have any suggestion in your mind please share it with others by adding your comments at the end of this post.