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Hand Care and Beauty Tips at Home

Do you ever think of caring your hands at home? Specially as a house wife do you give time and attention to your hands that they need? Is it fair to pay your all attention to face beauty and forget hands care? I think no, your answer would be “we all have to take full care of our hands as they are not only an important part of beautiful body but are very useful and helpful for us in doing all our easy and difficult tasks”. So hands need full care care too when they get tired and blistered.
Women all over the world always think about their face beauty and use different homemade remedies along with costly creams to get white, shiny, fresh and beautiful skin. After face, hands are the most important part of our body and are almost always in view. If you have glowing, smooth, soft, attractive and whiter skin but your hands are looking ugly and rough then you loose your personality and your beauty is not hundred percent complete. Good and natural hand care is considered a major part of our grooming process.

Usually manual workers and housewives don’t give proper time to their hands. Direct exposure to all weather effects including temperature, climate, frequent wetting and dealing with harsh chemicals and overwork routine make our hand rough and ugly. These hands need our proper consideration to remain fresh, healthy and above all beautiful.

Here, I am going to write some hands beauty care tips at home and make sure that if you apply these tips on your hands then your hands will look soft, smooth, white and beautiful.

1. Use of Gloves: Gloves are the most important thing when you expose your hands to lot of water or cleansing chemicals. Moreover cold air is very harmful for hands. It quickly drains the moisture of them. In this case gloves can play their role to protect them. So always use gloves while putting your hands in water or cleansing chemicals.

Hand Care Tips2. Use of Sunscreen Lotion: Exposure to direct sun rays can harm our skin and causes most of the wrinkles and age spots on our faces. Our hands also need protection from direct sunlight. Block the harmful rays of sun to touch your hands. Make your habit to put sunscreen lotion on your hands whenever you go out of home because harmful rays of sun badly damage your face skin and hands. If you cannot afford sunscreen lotion then you can use umbrella while going out in sun to protect your body for direct sun rays and of course it cost you nothing.

3. Hands Massage: In order to stimulate blood circulation in your hands, rub your palm of one hand to the back of other hand and then repeat this treatment with second hand. This movement of   your hands is best to keep your hands warm, glowing and look young.
Hand Care Home Remedies:
1. In order to clean stained hands, mix a teaspoon of salt water with olive oil. Massage this on hands, and   rinse well.
2. Mix a few drops of lemon juice, almonds, glycerin and milk cream. Massage this paste on your hands which is very effective for bleaching hands.
3. Lemon juice mixed with rose water and glycerin makes an effective hand lotion and makes your hand soft, smooth and glowing.
4. In order to make your hands soft, smooth and attractive, apply a paste of a ripe tomato pulp, lemon juice and glycerin, and massage well. Leave for half an hour and wash.
5. After emptying the milk sachet, rub your hands inside it which is very effective for your hands.
[adsense]6. Mix honey and orange juice and massage on your hands which is effective for your hands.
7. To treat rough hands moisturize your hands at least three times a day with any effective moisturizing lotion.
8. Mixture of glycerin and cucumber juice is also very effective for making hands soft, smooth and beautiful.
9. Application of glycerin and lime juice on hands at bed time makes your hand ensures softness.

At last, I bet, all the hand care tips at home written above will not disappoint you, within a week or two; your hands will look soft, smooth, younger, attractive and white. Now the ball is in your court, you already have the knowledge and all have to do is implement these tips in your everyday life.

For any kind of more help you can contact via contact us page of this site or you can send your suggestions and personal experiences using comment box at the end of this post. Your comments and experienced working tips will really help others to make their hands beautiful and warts, burns, cramps, blisters free.