Swollen Eyes in The Morning Causes, Tips and Home Remedies

Causes, Symptoms, Tips and Home Remedy Treatment For Swollen Eyes

Your personality determines your condition. And your face parts determine your personality.  Your face parts play an important role in your personality. If you have some disorders related to your face your mood become off and you will not enjoy your friends and family companies. Eyes are important part of your face. When you take stress or take tension and come in contact with thing which cause allergy or have allergic agents your eyes become swell.  And irritation and itchy effect produced by this type of problem. When you do lot of work and do not complete your sleep your some extra pressure applies to your eyes vessels and vessels become swelled. Some people go to doctor for this kind of problem other go to medical shop for drops which can reduce swelling of eyes because swelled eyes look awkward when you are sitting between other people. But these drops and doctors are very expensive and time taking and not very affected in nature. So all the people cannot afford this type of treatment and they are looking for some good and inexpensive treatment for their swelled eyes.

Tips to Reduce Eyes Swelling and Prevent Severe Eye Problems
1. Don not come in contact with allergic agents because of these your eyes become swelled.

2. Lack of sleep can cause swelling of eyes so complete your sleep.
3. Chillies and spices can cause swelling of eyes so use spices in your food in less quantity.
4. Dehydration cause swelling of eyes so drink 8 to 9 glasses of water in a day.
5. Remove eye makeup from your eyes before go to sleep.

Swollen Eyes Tips and TreatmentAlong with general tips here are some home remedies for swollen eyes that can reduce or kill swelling of your eyes. And make your eyes beautiful and problems free. These remedies are inexpensive and everyone can apply to their eyes. There is no side effect of these homemade remedies because products used in these are chemical free.

1. Rose Water
Before go to sleep put rose water into your swelled eyes in the form of drops. Keep your eyes shut for 5 minutes at least so rose water can dissolved in your eyes. Rose water can reduce irritation of eyes and your swollen eyes become normal if you do this process regularly in night.
2. Ice Cubes
Take two ice cubes and place them on your close eyes. Compressed your close eyes by these cubes and leave them on your eyes for 15 minutes. Ice cubes can kill swelling of your eyes and make you relax.
3. Green Tea Bags
Take two cold green tea bags and place them on your eyes. Leave them as long as possible then wash your eyes with chilled water. Green tea bags relax your eyes vessels and reduce eyes swelling.
4. Olive Oil
Apply olive oil your eye with the help of cotton ball and massage your swollen eyes with this oil. Continue this process for a week and you will notice a visible change in your eyes.
5. Cooking Oil

Massage your eyes with cooking oil before go to sleep. Then wash your eyes with chilled water in the morning. This process can reduce your eyes swelling and relax you.
6. Cucumber Slices
Place cucumber slices on your eyes and leaves them for 15 minutes then washes your eyes with chilled water.

Hope these remedies can solve your swollen eyes problem and give you desire result after 1 or 2 weeks. These remedies are easy to do in home and less time taking. If you have any working and tested tip for solving swollen eyes problem, please share it with others by adding your comment to this post.