Advantages and Disadvantages of Love Marriage

Love Marriage Advantages and Disadvantages

A Love Marriage is a union of two parties based upon affection and mutual attraction between the individuals and it binds bride and groom into a strong relationship with well defined rights and obligations. Now a days, the young generation is more inclined towards love marriage rather than arranged marriage.
Love marriage is a legal right for two individuals and nobody can claim the right to get involved, no matter love marriage turns out to be successful or not. Love marriages usually occur between school friends, college friends, office colleagues, cousins, neighbors and acquaintances.
Now a days, it is one of the most exciting and interesting topic to discuss which marriage is better, love marriage or arranged marriage. But nobody can say that love marriage is superior to arranged marriage or arranged marriage is superior to love marriage. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages of Love Marriage
One of the most important advantage of love marriage is that it gives you the freedom to choose your own life partner and love marriage offers more independence and freedom to live your life.
In love marriage both individuals feel more secured and comfortable as they know each other well and are also aware of strengths and weakness of each other. And they do not find any difficulty or any thing new in their life after their marriage.

Love marriage has a bright chances of success because it occurs from mutual attraction, love and understanding of individuals. It is not an artificially created union as in an arranged marriage.
Love marriage gives your life excitement and peace of mind. You have a life partner of your choice with whom you can go to different places, enjoy your vacations, watch sports events and you’ll see all these things will look more lovely when you have your love with you.
Disadvantages of Love Marriage
Love MarriageIn spite of advantages there are certain disadvantages of love marriage. Those individuals who go for love marriages usually don’t get family support and even in some cases their relatives do not approve of their marriage.
In love marriage both bride and groom have more expectations from each which can ruin their happiness in coming future as unmet expectations are a major cause of conflict in love marriages.
The worst drawback of love marriage is an early break up, as both individuals who were in love with each other before the marriage feel lack of freedom from their families. Love marriages are successful only if a person is chosen wisely but many
such marriages are not a result of any careful deliberation or insight but raging hormones.
So, as a result there is mismatch between life’s goals and aspirations of
the two individuals, which after some time becomes a cause of friction and eventually leads to divorce. Thus it is most important to decide to get married to a person who loves you more than you love that person.
It is therefore, difficult to predict the ideal sort of marriage. So ultimately it is up to the individuals to decide whether he/she wants to have a love or an arranged marriage. The sole remedy to make it last for longer is trust and commitment.

In this article I have written few advantages and disadvantages of love marriage. I know there are many other things that can decide is love marriage is successful or not? If you have your good or bad experience about love marriage then please share it with us and other readers of Geo Marriage in the comments box at the end of this post to help all of us in deciding whether love marriage is suitable for us in Pakistani society or not. There are so many advantages and disadvantages of love marriage but we can’t say that it is good or bad, or it is superior to the arranged marriage. Though there are some logic in both sides. It is true that every marriage is made in heaven but enjoyed on earth and like some advantages there are also some disadvantages of love marriage. I can say it is better to spend your life with your cousin, school fellow, college fellow, office colleague, neighbor or your relative than to settle with an unfamiliar person.  You should always keep in mind that marriage is an understanding and it is a happy bond of love that only becomes successful if both life partners are willing do make it successful by taking care of each other.

Not only in love marriage but also in arranged marriage one can know the person well before deciding to get married. Bride or Groom should make sure that his/her proposed partner likes him/her as well and is not going to marry because of the pressure from parents or family. Love marriage ya arrange marriage it must depends upon the will of both life partners.