Which is Better Arranged or Love Marriage | Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage

Arranged Marriage Vs Love Marriage Decision is Yours

Arrange marriage is a kind of marriage which is arranged by the third party whether the bride or groom parents or their guardians. It was very common before the 19th century but now in the modern world very few people believe in choosing the right person for them. Most of the people now days think that choosing your life partner are the right decision to make. There are different explanations made that which is better Arranged or love marriage. People think that without experiencing anything you cannot take the right decision. That is why people in Pakistan prefer google to do the thing for them, searching arranged marriage ya love marriage, arranged marriage vs love marriage. In our opinion what is best for every one happens to everyone.

In our society it is forbidden (Haram) to hang out with girls, and to even look at them. There is a reason behind this rule in Islam. Our religion says that before marriage you cannot interact to girls except your sisters or mothers.Because young people have a very high rate of sexual appeal, which can lead people to zinah (Sexual intercourse before marriage).That is why it is forbidden for boys to interact with girls before marriage as for the girls.

In modern society people prefer to choose their life partner for them because they think that it is very important to know your life partner before you can spend your whole life with them. So now days before getting married people spend some time together to know each other so they can spend a happylife together. But there are many drawbacks of love marriage. The biggest of all is that you lose your sexual power if you are having sexual intercourse with the one you are going to marry.Another problem that people face in love marriage is that men lose their dominance after they are married because of the wishes that they promised to fulfill before they got married.

Love Marriage VSArranged MarriageMoreover we will tell you the top ten facts that how love marriages and arranged marriages are alike and what are the reasons that people choose one of them.
Top Ten Facts about Love and Arranged Marriage 1. Marrying younger than 25 years of age will result in very fast divorce.
2. Women think that men will change their nature after marriage but they don’t. And men think that women will not change but they do.
3. Due to responsibilities after marriage, arranged married couples spend very few times in a day. Sometimes 5 minute a day.
4. Arranged or love marriage, both promote your life satisfaction more than anything whether its money, sex or kids.
5. When you marry your love ones , the only thing that will tell you that how long is your marriage is going to last is children. 6. In love marriage you will always be looking for your mates negative points to start a fight.
7. Many researchers say that to make your arrange marriage successful you have to be a good sex partner otherwise there is no way around.
8. For a manly person it is very hard to keep his/her love marriage possible because you have to always repeat the word sorry. A word of advice is, don’t expect.
9. If you want a happy life with your spouse, whether in love marriage or arranged marriage. You should respect each others thinking and consideration.

10. In our religion there is no need for this conversation because it clearly defines that couples are made in heaven. So stop fighting and live a happy life.

In this article I we have discussed that what is the difference between love marriage and arranged marriage. And how can you save your marriage whether its love marriage ya arranged marriage. We also discussed some points that people face during a marriage. Of course you have any question in your mind and you need more details you can comment in the comment box below or directly contact us through our contact us page. Do give us feedback as your tips will surely help others to know which is better arranged marriage or love marriage?