New Rules and Regulations For UAE Visa:

UAE Govt has recently brought several changes in Visa Rules for applicant who want to apply for UAE visa. Due to change in these rules there is huge confusion in the public regarding UAE visa. This article will help you out to inform you all about new Visa Rules & Regulations.

Previously Govt was allowing visa of 14 days, 30 Days and 90 days visa on Tourism Basis. Previously, these visa were issued on tourism basis but tourist were allowed to seek jobs in UAE on these Visa. But now rules are changed New Rules are Described as under.

Govt has changed these rules from 30th of October 2022. After 30 October 2022, new rules will be applicable for the applicant. In Case you are applying after First November you will have to keep in mind these rules and regulations.

In Case you Understand Urdu/Hindi Language this video will help you a lot regarding Visa of UAE.

New Visa Types For Dubai

Now UAE Govt has categorized Visa of Dubai in Various types. One Of these is Job Seeker Visa.

Job Seeker Visa

UAE Govt has announced Job seeker Visa for 30 days, 60 Days and 90 Days. You will also have a wonderful chance of Visiting various Places of UAE on this visa.

Visa Fee:

60 Days Visa :

Visa Fee is 1500 AED. That counts out to be 35 Thousand Rupees in Indian Rupees and Almost 90 thousand pakistani Rupees.

Along with that you will have to secure 1000 Dirhams as Security Deposits that counts out to be 2500 Dirhams as Whole for 60 Days Visa. This also cover insurance that include medical treatment or any mishap that may occur to you during the stay.

The Good News for the job seeker is that Now there is no need for any sort of Sponser of Visa that was required previously. Now you can apply eiter by your own or by any travel agent. We highly recommend you to do it with any trusted travel agent as there is less chances of a mistake.


  • Passport
  • Bechlor Degree or Equalent
  • Attested Copies of all the attested Documents.
  • You must have a minimum of 5000 AED along with you.

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