Hair Baldness Causes, Cure Tips, Treatment and Home Remedies

Baldness Cure Tips, Treatment and Homemade Remedies For Men and Women

Causes of Baldness in Males and Females
You are living in a world where prettiness is everything and your hairs plays an important role in your good looking personality but many problems related to hairs make your hairs weak and damaged and in some cases very worse condition appear call baldness. Baldness is very common in men and women and this is not welcomed condition for both. Baldness can be inherited from your mother’s or father’s side. And this hereditary balding can be occur in both men and women. But in men bald patches or spots are appear on the top and back of the head. And in women bald patches appear on the front of the head and these are worse in looking. This condition is called ALOPECIA AREATA and this is a disease in the result of this hair fall down and leaving smooth, round patches. But these scalp or patches are normal no dandruff scales or sores appear on these patches. And no irritation and itchiness cause by baldness but it put worse effect on your personality and you lose your confidence level in other people company.

Causes of baldness

There are several reason in the result of these baldness can be caused for example medical treatment in this blood pressure medicines and other medicines, Radiation and chemotherapy cause 90% of hair fall in both men and women, Birth control pill, Hormonal changes in women, After childbirth, Strong weather condition for example excess of cold or hot and many diseases cancer, ulcer.

Baldness Treatment

Baldness can be treated by doctors and homoeopathic but these treatments are very expensive and time taking. You can also hair transplant in the result of this new hairs are generated on your head with medical treatments. But this is also very expensive. Baldness is very common problem in men and women so both are looking for inexpensive and less time taking treatment for baldness.

Baldness Home Remedies

Hair BaldnessSo here are some homes remedies that can give you power to fight against baldness. These remedies finish your baldness and improve your hair growth in bald patches and cover your bald patches with new hairs. Products using in these remedies are natural so no chemical are used in their manufactured and no chance to get harm after trying these remedies.

1.  Onion
Take one onion and cut it into pieces and rub these pieces on your bald patches till it become slightly red. Now apply honey to these bald patches after rubbing onion pieces and leave it for an hour. Then wash it off lukewarm water. Repeat this process three times in a week and you will feel visible change after couple a week.

2. Aloe Vera and coconut
Combine aloe Vera gel and coconut milk and make a mixture and apply this mixture to your bald patches and it for half hour then wash it off with lukewarm water. Repeat this process twice in a week and you will feel a change.

3. Garlic Juice
Apply garlic juice to your bald patches and leave it for 20 minutes then wash it off.

4.  Apple Cider
Apple cider is very affected natural remedy for baldness. Apply apple cider to your bald patches and massage it and leave it for an hour then wash it off.

5. Coconut Oil Remedy
Coconut oil can fill your bald patches with new hairs. Apply coconut oil to your bald patches before go to bed in night and then wash it off in next morning.

6. Mustard Oil
Mustard oil can increase your hair growth apply mustard oil to your bald patches and leave it for 2 hours then wash it off with mild shampoo.

Hope these remedies will solve your baldness problem and new hair will grow in these patches after trying these remedies.