Making Money By Blogging

The world of 2022 is completely different from the world of a few decades back. The world has adopted itself on the internet. Most of the time of our Youth is spent on the internet.

People use the Internet for not only recreation but also for making money. There are a number of ways by which one can make money by Internet.


There are Multiple Ways by which one can make money by Blogging

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google Adsense
  • Selling Products

Making Money By Google Adsense

To make money From Google Adsense firstly you will have to get your site approved By Google Adsense. Once you get your site approved by Google Adsense, ads get started to run on your website.

Once you get ads on your website your second task is to draw traffic on your website.

There are number of ways by which you can draw traffic to your website. Some of them are

  • Traffic By Social Media
  • Traffic by Paid Ads
  • Getting traffic by Email marketing
  • Drawing traffic by Youtube channel
  • Getting traffic By Search Engine Optimization.

Traffic by Social Media

There is number of social media websites by which you can draw traffic. Some of these are

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Watsapp
  • Linked In

By all these platforms you can draw free traffic on your website. All of mentioned above sites have billions of Daily users.

Paid Ads

You can also earn money by marketing your Content through paid Ads. You can Draw traffic by paid ads on different sites such as.

  • Facebook
  • Tik-Tok
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Traffic By SEO

SEO is a free way to draw traffic to the website. You have to find out the keywords that rank on Google. In case you get your website Ranked on Google you can draw free traffic to your website.

Most of Bloggers rely on this traffic as it is permanent. Furthermore, it is targeted traffic. A user that visits your website by SEO is a targeted, user.

Traffic by SEO can be used for generating money by a number of ways.

  • Selling Products
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google Adsense

The most wonderful thing about Organic traffic is that you have to work hard for only one time. Once you start getting traffic By SEO it is a permanent Source of income.

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