Pregnant Women Health Care Tips, Problems and Precautions

Important Health Tips For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is defined as a situation in which a woman contains a fertilized egg within her body and develop it into a fetus. The union of an egg and sperm is known as fertilization, the next step after fertilization is zygote development. Pregnancy needs some necessary conditions like maturity of a woman and production of healthy egg on monthly basis similarly for fertilization sperm is also needed. After fertilization of an egg within women’s body, the fetus remains and develop slowly while medical science divide this period into three trimesters and single trimester contains three months. Pregnancy total period is stretched in forty weeks, which is continued from the last menstrual cycle first day. There are many sign and symptoms like stoppage of menstrual cycle, changes occur in breasts mammary glands, increase in the size of the nipples, vomiting and nausea are also a prominent sign of positive pregnancy. Every woman wants a healthy baby and it is easy and achievable, but for this, woman should have to stay healthy during her pregnancy and act upon pregnant women care tips.

Pregnancy is a sensitive and most important issue for those women who are going to face this for the first time. Pregnancy needs extra care and precautions to fulfill this task successfully, while now there is a lot of literature and other supporting material is available in text and visual form. Gynecologists, radiologist and other professional are available for consultation and counseling. Pregnant women face many problems in different stages of pregnancy. However, in this modern age there are a lot of facilities available in hospitals and in clinics. Pregnant women require proper rest and a healthy nutrition for a normal, easy and without complication delivery. In third world countries the mortality rate is so high due to poor and unbalanced diet, moreover these countries do not have basic health facilities. The majority of new born babies are underweight because of low intake of vitamin, minerals and other basic nutrients. Another reason of high mortality risk is poor hygienic conditions.

Health Tips For Pregnant WomenTo secure and successful pregnancy women should have to follow some fundamental health tips for their babies and themselves. Here I am going to write tips for pregnant women for normal delivery and healthy baby.
1. Women feel discomfort due to hormonal imbalance and to avoid this problem women should eat something in small gaps. In this common discomfort a particular hormone production is increases, which is known as progesterone hormone.

2. Pregnant women should eat healthy foods that contain a balanced diet and try to avoid raw foods and vegetables, food should be clean and fresh. In pregnancy constipation is a common problem so try to solve it before it occurs and eat fresh fruits and fibers.
3. Nicotine and caffeine is not good for fetus so quit smoking and do not drink coffee and alcohol. Visit your doctor or midwife on the regular basis and discuss your issues and follow the instructions given by the professional. Drink more water at least ten to twelve glasses in a day for healthy pregnancy and toxicity excretion from the body.
4. Light walking and simple exercise is good and beneficent for pregnant women, but tough and technical exercises are prohibited in this situation. Now some helpful exercises are given by the professional for healthy and smooth delivery, for this consults your gynecologist.
5. Pregnancy brings many physical changes in women’s body and add additional weight and because of an extra weight of fetus avoid laying and sleeping on back. Sleeping on back is not good for backbone and can damage it and spinal cord. It is recommended by medical experts that pregnant women should sleep on their left for more oxygen. Take full undisturbed minimum eight hours sleep for healthy pregnancy.

6. Pregnancy increases body weight and causes joint pains, to avoid such types of problems pregnant women should wear soft, light weight and comfortable shoes. These types of shoes will protect from pain and fatigue. In pregnancy muscles cramps is a common compliant from pregnant women and it can be solved by taking more liquid in the form of water and juices.
7. Pregnant women should protect their body from x-rays and other radiations so consult your pregnancy with your doctor or radiologist before going for this because x-rays and other radiations can be harmful in early stages of pregnancy.
8. It is also necessary and according to the need and demand of the age that before and after pregnancy you have to check the genetic traits test and complications if you have.
9. Vaccination is vital for fetus and for pregnant woman, usually these types of Vaccines are easily available in all hospitals. Vaccination reduces risk factors in pregnancy and after delivery.

So above are the tips and precautions for women who are pregnant, I am sure, if women act upon these tips then they will give birth to a healthy baby without any complications and operations. If you think something is missing in this article that is must for pregnant women to keep in mind then please share it with others by adding your comments to this post. Your comments will be visible after approval.