Common Marriage Problems | Unhappy Marriage

Causes of Unhappy Marriages in Pakistan
Now a days life is full of problems and we have face them with courage and peace of mind. If we look around common problems in our families then it will not surprise us that there are most problems that arise after marriage. As a result of which a beautiful and strong relationship among two individuals in the form of wedding changes into separation. And in many cases this separation is converted into divorce at last.
Experts research disclosed these common marriage problems:-
1.   Excessive money spending on the marriage:
Islam makes marriage simple and very easy but we have made it so complicated and expensive by doing unnecessary things that poor and middle class families can’t afford it.
2.   Demanding high amount of dowry from bride’s family:
Demanding high amount of dowry from bride’s family is the most common marriage problem in Pakistan and other Asian countries. According to Islamic view point there is no concept for dowry but we have made it an essential part of our marriage that puts a lot of pressure on bride’s family.

3.   Child or Young Age Marriage:
Some parents marry their daughters in very young age of about 12-14 years. Young age marriage is very harmful for health of girl because premature childbirth can lead  to a variety of health problems for mothers, including fistula, a debilitating condition that causes chronic incontinence.
4.   Financial problems:
One of the threatening marriage problem is the problem of having no money or little money  to spend against too many expenditures and needs. The burden of bills can turn happy marriage into bad and unpleasant marriage. Financial problem is really most common marriage problem in poor families having too many persons to eat and only a single man to earn. It also creates many other issues and these issues are the beginning of the future problems and even end at the separation of two individuals.
Marriage Problems5.   Communication Failure:
It is a common problem in married life when one of the married couple feels like his/her partner is not listening or hearing him/her when he/she expresses his/her desires, needs or concerns. Many of their discussions end in frustration or fights and as a result they begin to move away from each other that results in unhappy marriage or even separation between them.
6.   Loneliness:
When one partner feels the other is is not taking interest or appears to ignore him/her, it would be easy to understand one might feel lonely.
7.   Ceasing to be partners:
When one individual feels the other is irresponsible, immature, selfish or untrustworthy then the beautiful and strong relationship of marriage of two individuals crumbles, destroying intimacy and sexual attraction. As a result of which there is a separation between two individuals and there is often no turning back of two individuals after detachment. So when these problems are not resolved to the satisfaction of both individuals, resentment builds and this spoils relationship among two individuals.
8.   Narcissism:
Every individual is narcissistic to some extent, but this creates problems when both individuals are unable to empathize with each other and  instead compete over issues such as who works harder, who spends more time with the children, who had a tougher day. When partners don’t understand the others contributions, it creates problems and separation between them. This also results unhappy marriage.
9.   Lack of Sexual Desire in Men and Women:
Its really sad story now a days that many young boys indulge themselves in sexual activities from very teenage and when they got married they could not perform their sexual duties in the right way. Of course, it result in fighting between wife and husband and as a result there may be separation between them. Also after years of marriage, many couples’ may start to feel their sex life as a little routine, or even boring. This is an issue with almost every married couple. Sometimes wife could not get time for sexual activities and romance as she remains busy with children.
10. Lack of romance:
Lack of romance and love is also marriage problem.  This problem is faced by all those couples whose relation in not based of love but based on some other reasons like dowry, job, income, or arranged marriage.

When one’s best effort to resolve these problems go nowhere, the sense of sadness and disappointment takes away the beautiful and strong connections of two individuals and lead to a separation or divorce.

Dear readers I have wrote common marriage problems that one can face in his/her married life. So in order to save marriage and avoid divorce every single man and woman has to play his/her role. For solution of these marriage problems please visit marriage problems and solutions. We all must try to save marriages of others and life happy life in our green land Pakistan.