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Natural Skin Whitening Tips Home Remedies

Skin is an important part of body, and face skin? Yes, you are right face skin is the most significant or you can say eminent most of all body parts. The craze of skin whitening tips is mostly seen in South Asia, where every men and women is fond of applying various skin whitening creams and acting upon skin care tips to get the whiter, fair, soft and smooth skin. Not only in Pakistan but almost in every part of the world women specially, want to have a smooth, soft, glowing and whiter fair skin and apply various skin fairness tips to fulfil their desire of getting fair complexion. Here in this article, I am going to write some skin whitening tips and make sure that if you make these tips your daily routine, you will find your skin come back to life and stay fresh, glowing and white.

So, some of the simple homemade skin whitening tips which are not only cheap and helpful but also prevent your skin from harmful damages caused by the chemicals in many skin whitening creams are as follows:

1. Fresh Coconut Water: One of the effective homemade skin whitening tip is fresh coconut water. Wash your face with fresh coconut water daily to prevent pimples and for lighten dark skin and a fairer complexion within few days.

2. Potato Slice: Cut slices of a potato and keep them in cold water for a few minutes. Then rub these slices over your face, this is really good tips to reduce pimples and blemishes from the skin and make it fairer.

Skin Whitening3. Drinking Milk: Milk is best and most natural whitening agent. Drinking a glass of cold milk before going to sleep make your skin beautiful, healthy, glowing, white and shiny. Wow, this is really one of the best skin whitening tips as it not only make your skin white and fair but also make you healthier and stronger. So if you can afford then drink a glass of milk daily before going to bed as a rabbit.

4. Cucumber Juice: Drink cucumber juice to make your skin white as this juice is considered to be a fast skin whitener.

5. Egg yolk and Almond Oil: Apply a mixture of egg yolk and almond oil to make the skin healthy and glowing.

6. Tomatoes: Tomatoes cut in half and rubbed over the face are useful in toning up and whitening the skin and refining pores.
7. Paste of Almonds, milk, carrot juice and orange juice: Make a paste of two or more almonds, two tablespoons of milk, one tablespoon of carrot juice and one table spoon of orange juice and apply a thick coat on your face and leave for half an hour or little more then wash it with water. You will wonder to see its result that it will make your skin glowing and whiter.

8. Mixture of lemon juice with milk and flour powder: Mix a tablespoon lemon juice with fresh milk and barley flour powder and form a thick paste or mix it with rose water. Apply this paste on the your face for about 12 minutes then wash it off with fresh tab water, and your will be happy to see your skin will become white and shiny.

[adsense]9. Rain Water: Wash your face in the morning with rain water stored in glass pot for fair complexion.

10. Fruit pulps of papaya and overripe bananas: Massage your skin with fruit pulps of papaya and overripe bananas and leave on for about 12 minutes. This removes dead cells of your skin and produces enzymes to make the skin glowing and whiter.

So dear readers, these are some natural homemade skin whitening tips which on proper application will help you to get white and fair skin within few days. If you like these tips or you want to know some more tips about skin whitening products then please email me directly or contact via contact us page of Geo Marriage. Your comments and suggestions will boost me to write more about skin and other beauty related topics.

I hope all the above mentioned quick skin whitening tips have given you much insight for improving your overall skin whitening success and will not disappoint you. Now you already have the knowledge and all you have to do is implement these skin whitening tips in your every day life to make your skin soft, smooth, white, dewy, attractive and above all acne and blemish free.