Job Search Visa In Dubai

Dubai Is a hub Of Business in Asia. People from all around who are in seek of a job consider it a fortune to get themselves employed in Dubai. There are different types of visas that you can apply for in order to get a job but the easiest one of those is Visit Visa.

Getting a Job In Dubai On Visit Visa

Visit Visa is one of the cheapest Visa to try for any country. That is the reason why a number of immigrants Visit Dubai on Visit visas.

But the problem that arises is that most of these Could not manage to get jobs in Dubai. The greatest mistake done by them is that they start seeking jobs after reaching Dubai.

Make List of at least 30 Companies

The thing that they must do is start seeking jobs in their own Country. The best way is to make a file of at least 40 To 50 Companies. Note the Contact numbers as well as Gmail of all those companies to contact them.

As you have the contact numbers of all the Employing agencies you will have more chances of getting selected. The problem with most of the people who go on visiting visas is that they start searching for jobs after reaching Dubai.

Make a list of at least 10 Persons You know

Most of the jobs in Private jobs are offered on a reference base. There must be some of your social media friends living in Dubai. Contact them while coming to Dubai on a Visit Visa which will enhance the chances of getting selected.

These 10 people can be your mutual friends or friends from Social media. You can also share your CV to some of them before coming to Dubai.

Make Your CV

The most important thing that will depict you in your absence is Your CV. Make a complete CV that contains all your information. While making a CV address every experience that you have. In case your experience is not relevant to the field that you are applying for even then mention that in the CV.

Most of these companies are looking for experienced candidates instead of fresh ones. Companies want to hire a candidate who is already trained. The companies do not want to waste time training the fresh ones.

All these are actions before reaching Dubai. Once you reach Dubai make a maximum effort and apply for as many jobs as you can during your stay. You are visiting Dubai for getting yourself employed instead of running around and visiting various places, focus on your task. Once you get the job, then you can enjoy yourself there.

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